Reader wary of ‘Green New Deal’

The year was 1967 and a best-selling book was titled “Famine 1975: America’s Decision, Who will survive?” It spoke of the weather, the atmosphere and how we needed to change our ways on energy by 1975 or famine would strike.

We have all shown a concern for the environment for many years and God bless us for it. Our concern goes back to the days of the dust bowl in the west, Southwest in the 1930s and even before. We have been using the same forms of energy — coal, oil, gas — well over 100 years. We have improved on it for performance purposes and adjusted what we could for environmental purposes. We have yet to find a comparable and cleaner form to equal what we currently have.

Some of the cleaner forms of energy cannot power a car, a factory or an apartment building. The likes of wind, solar and hydro come close but don’t equal that of what we currently are using. We are at the hands of Mother Nature. No wind, no energy. No sun, very little energy. Hydro, low rivers or worse yet drought, no energy. Nuclear? I think we can all agree that that type of energy scares us all.

This recent attempt to change to a “Green New Deal” scares me. An attempt to replace a form of energy which is not comparable to what we already have. No cars, no planes, no trains. The wind stops blowing. So much for watching “Dancing with the Stars.”

Your parents that retired and moved to Florida? They haven’t got there yet as they took the horse and buckboard wagon. They’re just outside of Bluefield and it’s been one month since they left.

The use of an MRI in a hospital will go away. They can’t keep the electricity on as the sun just set. And McDonald’s announces the new double tomato cheese burger.

When this takes place the new fight will be to save the forests because so many will be out with axes chopping wood to keep warm for the winter.

There is no “Green New Deal!” There is no energy formidable to what we currently have. Clean or otherwise. As for the U.S. setting the example on clean air? China and India are spewing much more pollution than the U.S. They don’t listen anyway.

As for the climate, they have been predicting the end for years. In 1989, the UN environmentalist Noel Brown said to reverse course or the sea levels will rise and we will be wiped off the face of the Earth by 2000. Who remembers “An Inconvenient Truth?” In 2006, Al Gore stated that humanity would be wiped off the Earth in 10 tears. He’s still flying all over God’s creation preaching that same gospel. Did you happen to catch that? Flying? Come on, Al.

So if you want to be able to visit mom and dad, without the buckboard, watch Monday Night Football without worrying about the sun going down, take a shower or give your doctor the opportunity to scan you with an MRI to help find the tumor to save your life, please think before you vote.

Clark Martin



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