Smearing a Supreme Court justice’s name?

I would like to suggest a new name for the New York Times after watching yet another round of hate rhetoric on Justice Brett Kavanaugh get new life some days ago. How about the New York Whiners and Liars Daily?

They just can’t stop obsessing over every little detail that comes along, and the latest is a good example of it.

They (New York Times) finally admitted, sort of, that the article should not have run. The top brass who are responsible for the “go or no go” on most articles and columns have at least half a dozen reasons why it got past them. Instead of fessing up they passed the buck. The bottom line of course is the alleged female victim has no recollection of the incident and doesn’t even know Justice Kavanaugh.

When it comes to Democrat hatred, the news media is too eager to help out with non-vetted stories like this. Dan Rather lost his prized news anchor job in 2004 because his hatred of George W. Bush was consuming his soul.

It appears that Mr. Brenwalt of Kerens is of the same mindset. He recently mentioned in a letter “accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh” worded in such a way that insinuated he was guilty and should never have been allowed to get far enough in the hearings for a vote. Let’s not forget the famous “letter” Dianne Feinstein had been withholding from everybody during the hearings. Turns out it had less value than a roll of wet toilet tissue. I actually applauded when Justice Kavanaugh seemed to lose his temper briefly and dressed down the Dems.

Are most of us a Democrat or Republican simply because our parents were? I am a Republican by choice because I can’t imagine cozying up to a political party who wants abortion on demand, health care no one can afford, brand people as hate mongers who disagree with them and the ongoing big one; radical gun control.

I live in America, not China or Cuba. Charlton Heston said it better than I could: “From my cold dead hands.”

Harold Arbogast



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