Opioid crisis: Tragedy, travesty

The pharmaceutical industry acted in a timely manner to have insulation in place in the event the opioid crisis ever neared a reckoning. Having lobbyist/ politicians in place to mitigate the heat of litigation against opioid manufacturers and suppliers is good business.

It’s a walking, talking insurance policy against being held accountable for their actions, or inaction.

Puppets like Attorney General Patrick Morrissey are put in place just in time to cover up this quasi-class genocide. That which can’t be hidden, obscured or covered up has to be diluted to minimize damages to the industry. Through sweetheart settlements that net only pennies on the dollar. They are a slap in the face of justice.

A popular statewide radio broadcaster labels the opioid crisis as the biggest social problem of this generation/era. It’s hard to disagree with that statement. I’d use the word tragic to describe it. It was and continues to be a tragedy on so many levels. I reserve the word travesty for what I believe is a well-orchestrated conspiracy to insulate those responsible for it.

Tragedy … of lives lost, foster kids, bodies addicted, associated drug crime, child neglect, drain on social services, poverty, hunger, depression, lower life expectancy, lesser quality of life, wasted community resources, homelessness, spread of disease, and on and on. All attributable to the proliferation of synthetic opium.

Travesty, it’s a travesty of justice when a former pharmaceutical lobbyist and the spouse of a current pharmaceutical lobbyist is transplanted from out of state. Put here to take office as lead attorney for the hardest hit, suffering society of Appalachia. Known as the great state of West Virginia. What does it say about us that we as an (under) voting populace would choose a New Jersey lawyer as our attorney general over one of our own? Do we not produce minds of sufficient talent to do the job ?

Ironically, there is a native son that could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been selected to be our attorney general. He now serves as managing partner of a successful media/ journalism enterprise.

Were it not for the efforts of reporters there would be no published opioid distribution data to survey. You and I would be oblivious to the unfathomable disregard for the well-being of whole communities, in the name of the almighty dollar.

Once again for those in the back, the tragedy is upon us. It is imperative we act quickly and with utmost resolve. For the travesty, known as Patrick Morrissey, has been preprogrammed by his masters. He is working to dismantle legal healthcare protections. Among them, pre-existing conditions. For his benevolent campaign donors, he’s erecting a barrier between his masters of medicine, and justice itself.

Jason “Biglift” Barr



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