Proposal deserves to be considered

If we capture CO2 from burning coal and gas, we can keep using coal and gas. If we don’t capture CO2 these power plants will be closed, one way or another. The climate marches and rallies show that people are pushing harder and harder to limit CO2.

Capturing CO2 lets power plants survive, but it costs $50-$150 per ton, raising electricity prices 30%-100%. People don’t want that, and can’t pay that.

Congress has a proposal, HR 763, to pay money to each family, $3,000 per year for a family of four, to cover their extra costs when power plants capture CO2.

Power plants which capture CO2 will pay nothing extra. Those which don’t will pay $55/ton on their CO2, and this fee provides $3,000 to families. The program phases in over 5 years, so there’s time to adjust, and payments rise more after that, to encourage more carbon capture.

Senators Manchin and Capito have a proposal with seven other Republicans and Democrats, S 1201, which pays for research to improve carbon capture, use and storage. Capture will still cost money, so we need both the research and the payment program.

CO2 that’s not captured is what’s making floods, tornadoes and heat waves worse, so that deserves to pay. No matter what happens, miners are already losing their jobs and deserve a good transition program, like the one at NewDay4.com. The fee can pay for that too.

And $3,000 will be more than the price rises for most families, so the program gives people extra income.

Now is the time to ask Congress at Democracy.io to help families, miners, and the capture of CO2, by putting a fee on power plants which don’t capture it.

Paul Burke

Harpers Ferry


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