Visitor praises Elkins experience

I just wanted to share our experiences during a recent visit to Elkins.

I organized a group from the Capital City Corvette Club to come visit the Greenbriar and Durbin Railroad. While I organized the trip through MountainRail, and they did a great job, all the folks who attended were just blown away by the people and businesses in Elkins.

As the organizer I intentionally left time for people to shop downtown. Many people found great remembrances in many of the shops and enjoyed wonderful meals in the restaurants. I personally intend to make the four-hour drive back just for the ribs at Smoke on the Water.

Being a club of Corvette enthusiasts, we also explored your local byways off the H corridor. They are wonderful, I wish more sports car fans were aware they don’t have to drive to the “Tail of the Dragon” to find amazing driving roads. Not too many, I wouldn’t want them to get too crowded for when I return, but I do think you are missing some marketing opportunities!

Overall the description I most often heard describing our trip was “perfect.” From MountainRail, the Gandy Dancer, to Smoke on the Water and the small group that knew to hit up Scottie’s for breakfast, everyone had a great weekend and fell in love with Elkins.

Thank you,

Greg Campbell

Capital City Corvette Club

Columbus, Ohio


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