Why so surprised?

Edward S. Brenwalt writes that he doesn’t think much of our president’s record. He says many of his promises have not been kept, and ones that he has claimed to have kept he has had to lie about because they were certainly not kept.

We knew he was a vain and vulgar, pathological liar, cheat and thief, racist conman and porn star adulterer before we elected him. Why is Mr. Brenwalt surprised by our president’s inability and ineptitude?

Much mental illness is chemically remediable. This case may not be. Perhaps prayer and pity are in order.

D.J. Neyhart


PS. I am blind. The gratitude of all blind and low-vision people belongs to the publisher, editors, advertisers and subscribers of The Inter-Mountain. Almost enough of every issue is available on the telephone through https://nfb.org/nfbnewsline.


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