Reader: Canceling of event a ‘moral victory’

Moral victories, even the short-lived ones, are getting fewer and fewer as time goes by and I greet each one with the enthusiasm of a zealous football fanatic when a winning touchdown play is choreographed from the huddle and carried out in perfection as planned.

The public library in Morgantown had scheduled a story time event for Saturday morning Nov. 16 involving drag queens reading to young kids. Threats of property damage and physical violence started coming in before Friday and the event was canceled, in spite of having a security team of police scheduled.

Now let me be clear here. Although I gave an exclamatory “yes!” when I heard of the cancellation, it doesn’t mean that I condone or promote violence as a way to deal with this behavior, but many others still do and there’s going to be a lot more before it gets better.

At the risk of being accused of beating a dead horse because I wrote about this in July; Buckhannon Mayor McCauley in late June this year gave a speech at a “Pridefest” celebration and until I read the text of his speech in the paper I wasn’t aware that the LGBTQ community has so many members with extraordinary talent, and he welcomes them into the community for the economic opportunities they will bring.

I asked the mayor, in the letter, to share the knowledge he’s obtained about the “Priders.” I would like to know what other talents they have besides designing women’s clothes, renovating old houses and cooking gourmet meals, all of which you can see on TV every day. The mayor has yet to respond. Also Mr. Mayor, I was glad to hear that your own library there in Buckhannon has decided to back up and punt after the parallel stink they caused. It’s online right now readers, check it out.

Finally, I cannot resist responding to my good friend Edward Brenwalt of Kerens. Sir, I am glad you finally admitted that you think socialism would work much better for the USA than the system we have now. You have dropped hints but never came right out and said it.

I think it’s a wonderful idea to take the bulk of a millionaire’s or billionaire’s income and funnel it to blood suckers who won’t work or watch their health because the government will pay it all.

I volunteer to help collect it, Mr. Brenwalt. You take Michael Bloomberg and I’ll go see Warren Buffet. While you are collecting from President Trump I’ll go see George Soros. You take your choice of either Eric or Donald trump Jr. and I’ll take the other.

If you will collect from Bill Gates I’ll talk to Mark Zuckerberg.

We should leave them at least $3,000 a month so they can eat. They surely won’t mind that.

Harold Arbogast



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