What candidates are promising us

Because all good things should come in threes, here is the final part of my trend of letters that involves making a list. Today, I want to look at what our presidential hopefuls are promising to bring to the table if elected. Here goes:

A Wealth Tax. Are you, like me, sick and tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Is it starting to sink in that “Trickle Down Economics” just do not work? Then let’s eat the rich!

That is to say, lets actually make them pay more in taxes, not less. There is enough money in any randomly chosen billionaire’s bank account to fix all of our roads, bridges, schools and provide funding for excellent health care.

Which leads me to… Improved Health Care. A promise to lower drug costs, eliminate sham insurances and to make out-of-pocket pay as cheap as possible.

Now, some among you might call that socialist and claim that is an evil thing and therefore must be opposed at all costs! To which I ask, “Um, better health care is evil how?” Of course, your real concern is that there is no proof that socialist countries work. You always point your finger at Venezuela and yet completely ignore any European country that managed to make it work because then that would crumble your entire argument and force you to admit your mistake. Moving on.

Bringing jobs to coal miners… by transferring them to green energy jobs such as solar panels and wind mills. It is now cheaper to build a new solar power plant than it is to keep a currently existing coal plant up and running. The technology is improving, it is getting cheaper every year. Whereas coal is being left where it belongs, in the ground. The only problem, though, is that coal miners are being left with nothing, no care package, no vows to provide them a future job, no assurances of any kind. The writing is on the wall and we are being offered relief.

Accountability for the opioid crisis. Senator Elizabeth Warren herself came to West Virginia not too long ago, to much acclaim from the locals, to promise that Big Pharma, who profited greatly from causing the rise of opioid addiction, will be justly punished for what they did.

Fighting the Climate Crisis. The Earth is burning, and people like Trump are refusing point blank to do anything about it because that would involve admitting that they were wrong. Getting away from fossil fuels, pushing for cleaning up plastics that are choking marine life, investing in technologies that will help in the fight.

Every Democrat candidate for president is promising every one of these things to a certain degree. There are variations but the underlining theme is there. And that theme is one of hope and a commitment to bring real unity to the nation and to fight the rise of fascism that has entered our modern day politics.

What has Trump promised? Hate and division, nothing more and nothing less. It is not easy to portray yourself as the good guy if your methods involve inciting violence. It does not make you the better person when your goal is to be as cruel as possible to everyone you deem unworthy.

The Democrats are all promising to not be that. That is why they will always have my vote.

Edward S. Brenwalt