Will our leaders ruin the country?

The Republican Party is letting this president destroy their party.

First, there is no Quid Pro Quo, Now there is but it is OK for a Republican president to do it.

Only the Dems are wrong. The Dems are doing everything behind closed doors. Not so fast now, it is in the open. They realize they shot themselves in their own foot to do it so the public can see how crooked this president is.

Trump does only what is good for him, not what is good for our country. Even shutting down the government before Thanksgiving. Which he said he would do if he don’t get his way. Just like a kid, “I will take my ball and go home.”

Well, Trump, we will impeach you and send you home to Florida, where you won’t have to pay state taxes and your family won’t have to pay inheritance tax on their billions.

Lloyd Price



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