Democratic party isn’t what it used to be

Well, it’s that time of year again when the leaves are in full flame, and we all gleefully gorge ourselves silly on zombies, overpriced costumes, jack-o-lanterns, candy, and the latest Hollywood creature feature.

It is after all, our one time a year where we can let loose and dare to celebrate the creepy, the terrifying, and the downright blood curdling. But like The Blob, slithering around and devouring cities whole, there’s a growing horror in America more chilling than any Hellraiser movie you’ve ever seen. The radicalization and Socialism that has all but captured the Democratic Party in it’s voraciously avaricious big government, open borders, deep state infested maw.

You heard the Orwellian slogans and chants. “No borders! No wall! No U.S.A. at all!” Hordes of zombie-like “protestors” who haven’t seen a bar of soap in weeks, shambling about our city streets, many of them dressed in black, faces covered, violently attacking any and all who dare disagree with the Woke Message.

You see police in those Democrat-controlled cities, ran by Democrat mayors, ordered to stand down and let it happen. You see the liberal controlled media and lunatic leftist politicians defending their new legion of political shock troops. Their values in full lockstep and worse than anything any ghoul could be capable of.

The Democrats have fully committed themselves to Socialism and probably perhaps even worse, Communism. Working diligently with Silicon Valley and the Titans of social media, they’ve succeeded in banning and censoring Republicans and conservatives and marshaled a full assault on free speech, labeling phrases and gestures as “hate speech” that for centuries were once common mannerisms. Not only do they believe they can tell you what you can and can’t say or do, they’re again, for the fourth year straight, lecturing everyone on what Halloween costumes we’re permitted to wear.

I wish I could say that was the worst of it, but like all nightmares, they tend to only grow darker and become more macabre and more bizarre as the Progressives progress. Along with the District of Columbia, there are now eight states that have legalized abortion up to the moment of birth due to the grizzly works of Democratic lawmakers including New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Oregon, New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado and New Hampshire.

And then of course there’s the never-ending coup d’etat drumbeat of impeachment, gun confiscation, Socialist control of the economy, your healthcare and education, letting criminal illegal aliens run rampant and literally get away with murder in their bastioned sanctuary cities, and removing the Electoral College. But perhaps sickest of all is watching them push the mental illness of transgenderism on underage children.

These are the new liberal values that West Virginian Democrat voters face. There’s no better time than now to switch and register Republican.

Who needs Halloween scares when you have this madness?

Christopher Phares



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