Reader shares thoughts on ‘truth’

I would like to thank The Inter-Mountain for printing the article by retired Maj. Steve Cook about the plight of Vietnam veterans. Like Mr. Cook, I served in Vietnam from August 1966 to Sept. 27, 1967. However, that is not the reason for this letter.

For sometime now our elected representatives in Washington have been on a mission, investigation to discover what the “truth” is about in “whatever” endeavor they hope to discover. The question is “what is the truth?”

Here are my thoughts on the subject.


What we believe is certain and valid in the moment.

The constant of time and space ever changing,

Ultimately defines what is ‘truth.’

As human beings we as certain of the following,

We are born, we live, and we die.

What we do in the interim defines who and what we are in the eyes of others and ourselves.

‘Conscious’ or ‘form,’ which cam first?

The nature of the ‘infinite’ is neither concerned nor deceived by the “sensorium” of Zen.

The great mystic of ‘experience’ and ‘adversity.’

Leads us to question, Why am I here: Where did I come from? and where am I going to The The ‘discipline’ of mind, body, spirit, leads us above and beyond ignorance and desire to the ultimate truth, “nirvana” eternal peace.

Everytime a tongue wags a lie, the truth somewhere dies.

Thou shall not covet the truth.”

Title: “Best Poems and Poets 2004”

International Library of Poetry, Owings Mills, MD 2117

Charles Nuzum,



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