Theft of property prompts questions

I have a story I want to share with you. Some folks say I’m full of stories … or something. What I have to say is not all about me. It might be about them. Most of it is about me.

I lost a dear and near friend a few weeks ago. This fine friend was always there if I needed. Never complained much. We spent a lot of time cutting firewood together. All I ever had to do was pick him up and go. I sure am going to miss him.

One evening I left him sitting on the trailer in front of the house. I was only gone for a short time. When I came out he was gone. Someone had stolen my Super XL12 Homelite chain saw.

I know people are going to say it is my fault. Most people don’t like to take the blame any more. Yes, it was my saw, my trailer, my yard and my responsibility.

The fact is that small still voice in my soul said — put the saw in the shed or it is going to be stolen. I have no excuse. I didn’t listen. It wasn’t the first time.

If we believe in God, I believe he talks to us. I know we don’t listen as we should all the time. Anyway, I haven’t over the years. The sad part is we lose so much!

How should I feel about my stolen saw? Should I feel anger, hate or want to seek vengeance if I find them? Nay! There is too much anger, hate and thoughts of vengeance in the world today. I didn’t say it is easy, but I think how many people I have hurt through my life.

Is God love or not? I will love those that stole my saw. I will pray for their souls! I don’t think of people as bad so much. I think of good people doing bad things. I will pray that God’s love does good things.

Once a wise chief was talking with his grandson. He told him that there are two animals within us, a bear and a lion. They are fighting each other. The boy asked which would win? The chief answered: the one we feed.

That which is in our mind is right if it is or not. What’s in your mind?

William Likens



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