Reader: Impeachment trial was a comedy

If you go see a good comedy show or play you can sometimes put out a good sum of cash, likely enough to pay for a good dinner at an upscale restaurant. If you want good entertainment you have to pay for it.

That is of course unless you were maintaining vigilance over the impeachment proceedings, conducted from both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. You can’t make up nor buy comedy like that. If you couldn’t catch it in the daytime you could see it at night on re-runs at C-SPAN. This show was on for several months and didn’t cost a nickel.

Hats off to Reps. Jim Jordan and Doug Collins. Let’s also not overlook Rep. Elise Stephanik, who can swing a bat with the best of them. These three and many other Republicans on the two committees really made some witnesses squirm and sometimes pause before answering. At times I would say “What kind of stupid question was that?” and other times I would cheer “Yeah! Go get ’em!”

I can’t get off this topic without saying that Mitt Romney has again let down the GOP big time. He voted guilty on one charge because he believed God led him to it. If another Republican had stood before the entire Senate Body and said he was voting not guilty because he trusted God’s leadership, what do we have? Conflict, of course. Is one man a liar and the other not? Can God be playing politics by giving these conflicting instructions? Baloney! How about standing up like you promised your voters and make a choice from their input. Save your morals for abortion or gay marriage or LGBTQ rights and such. There’s no question where God stands on that.

They saved the best till last and did not disappoint. It was like watching pro comedy actors when Jerry Nadler jumped to his feet after the last question and headed toward the podium in order to beat Schiff. As he went past Schiff’s chair at a brisk walk Schiff jumped to his feet to stop him saying “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…”

Sen. Manchin must have something going with somebody. He played his favorite hole card which is “I need more information to make a final decision.” He voted guilty on both charges. Joe Manchin can’t be trusted and I’m here to say I never once voted for him. He doesn’t deserve it.

Lastly; Robert Ware and Clark Martin each had a letter last Saturday pleading to the citizens of Elkins to get involved in what their respective city councils are doing. Buckhannon is just as bad. It merits the title “Push It To The Max” and take what you can get.

I’ve warned both cities about the “inclusive” and “diversity” ordinances aimed at attracting LGBTQ people to their city. Buckhannon Mayor McCauley recently said he welcomes their knowledge and the employment opportunities they will bring. They have ignored me so far but when those buses and moving vans start arriving they’ll wish they’d listened to me. They will need housing and a place to open their business and it won’t be ready. You better get ready for them or they’ll turn around and leave.

Harold Arbogast



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