Reader is eager for May 12 primary

West Virginians in Wheeling and now Fairmont have had to deal with the news that their health care centers, Ohio Valley Regional Medical Center and Fairmont Regional Medical Center, are closing. Who’s next?

Granted, even a more activist governor may not have been able to save these significant hospitals and employers.

However, it sure would mean something to the affected communities if Gov. Justice could say, in the case of Fairmont Regional, something more than that his staff has been working long hours on it.

That’s all Fairmont residents heard from their governor about their medical center when the news broke. No answers. No plan of action. Not even heartfelt concern.

But ask Gov. Justice about his opinions on high school women’s basketball, and he’ll give you all manner of details. Something is greatly amiss here when the governor spends as much time coaching a high school basketball team as working during the legislative session with other state leaders to improve the state’s economy, road repair and health care delivery.

West Virginia voters entrusted the role of governor to Justice three years ago, never imagining that we would have a part-time governor too busy with his sports career to tend to our state’s most urgent needs.

The May 12 Republican primary can’t come soon enough.

If we put in Justice for another four years, it would be an injustice to the Mountain State.

Stephen N. Reed



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