Imagine a better West Virginia

Imagine if you will a West Virginia where millionaires can’t buy elections and the Governor will fight for working families like he’s done his entire life.

Imagine a West Virginia where a healthcare system keeps us healthy and doesn’t bankrupt us; where there’s an expansion of rural health clinics and a cap on prescription drug prices.

Imagine a West Virginia where the so-called “Right to Work” is ended, there’s a minimum wage of $15 per hour along with tax breaks for small businesses, and collective bargaining for state employees.

Imagine a West Virginia where corporate welfare is ended and a Works Progress Administration will create 32,000 living wage union jobs to build our broadband, water, roads, and small business infrastructure.

Imagine a West Virginia where PEIA will be fully funded, there will be mental health counselors in every school, and teachers will be given a raise that makes us competitive with surrounding states.

Imagine a West Virginia where DOH workers are given the raise promised by the legislature years ago; where there’s a plan to make our roads safe again and maintain them so we’re never in this mess again.

Imagine a West Virginia where cannabis is legal and the people who profit from the revenue are West Virginia residents, not out of state corporations.

Imagine a West Virginia where folks are able to get into recovery immediately and Big Pharma is held accountable for dumping millions of pills into our state; where there’s a recovery jobs program that gives recovering addicts the tools they need to get better and live productive lives.

Imagine a West Virginia where women make the same pay as men and are equally represented in all branches of government; where all women have access to safe reproductive healthcare.

Imagine a West Virginia where firearm policy is decided by gun owners and citizens who want to be safer, not by firearm companies and lobbyists who just want to sell more guns.

Imagine a West Virginia where extraction companies who take our resources and ship them out of state pay their fair share of taxes which will benefit the citizens of West Virginia; where workers are safe no matter where they work and that every West Virginian has safe clean water to drink.

Imagine a Wet Virginia that welcomes everyone regardless of whom they love and where West Virginia is the best place in the country for all of us.

Only one candidate for Governor has platform policies written by West Virginians actually dealing with these issues, not out of state lobbyists looking to make a buck. Only one candidate has recruited more than 80 men and women to run with him who have pledged not to take corporate money and work only for the best interests of the people of our state. Only one candidate has a comprehensive platform that includes how the initiatives will be funded. Only one candidate has hosted more than 180 town halls across the state with three of them being held here in Randolph County. Only one candidate has brought people together from all parties who want to make West Virginia truly “The Best Virginia”.

On May 12th you will have the opportunity to vote for Stephen Smith for Governor because West Virginia Can’t Wait. For more information on Stephen Smith for Governor go to wvcantwait.com or follow WVCantWait on Facebook.

Cindy Stemple,

Randolph County


WVCan’t Wait- Smith for Governor


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