Parties in conflict

If I should never get another chance to express my disgust with the Democrats who are in positions of power in this nation, I want to make this a good one.

Cry Baby Schumer, standing before mics and cameras on the plaza of the Supreme Court of the United States spewed venomous hate speech the likes of which you don’t hear even once in a decade or longer. I suppose he was chosen because he can yell louder than most others who would like to lead the charge. The pitiful tirade against Gorsuch and Kavanaugh showed his soul feelings. All because of an abortion fight in the news again. Time and again state legislatures impose laws on clinics and then someone takes it to SCOTUS and next year it’s done again.

Yelling and screaming is the only thing the Democrats have left. They have no other talent or political sustenance to hold the party together. As you well know, any decency in the democrat’s hearts began eroding early in 2016 as it became more and more likely that Trump was going to be the Republican challenger. They were so positive that Hillary was going to wallop Trump and the Republican Party and went into a rage when it got away from them.

Not only was Trump elected president that November day, the Democratic Party began to fall apart. They can’t work together or agree on many major issues. They are such a childish group they need to be given a box of crayons and coloring books and told to sit in the corner and someone will take them home later.

Friends, we knew what Trump was like a year before the election. We had plenty of time to collect our pros and cons before voting. I voted for Trump because it was more than clear that Hillary was not qualified to run this nation and would continue with Obama’s failing policies.

In three years Trump has made major inroads in reversing the damage of Obama, facing fierce opposition at every turn. Because of that, and in spite of dealing with Russiagate, Comeygate and Impeachmentgate, he has still been able to fix much of the damage that was destroying us as a strong country. I’m going to do my part to help him finish the job. He may not be perfect but considering the alternatives he’s miles in front of second place.

Harold Arbogast



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