Playing party politics with stimulus bill

Do any of you readers think the risk of thousands of people dying could stir compassion in a Democrat’s heart? Especially in a Democrat with a title of Speaker and Minority Leader preceding their name. More specific, Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer, two people I hope to never get to see in person.

We’ve been hearing via leaks and finally from actual members of their staffs and some elected underlings that the pair of them have been trying to attach some really stupid trash and pet projects to the Coronavirus Bill.

You didn’t hear ABC, CBS, CNN or NBC talking about it. They were practicing media silence as part of their loyalty to the gluttony creeps who were trying to take advantage of what seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

FOX and NEWSMAX knew something was up and they finally started getting info of the scheme.

I can’t find evidence from internet postings yet but five will get you ten Pelosi threw a hissy fit when her scheme was uncovered.

She succeeded in conning (my words) her usual pack of lackey dogs to make sure there was at least a handful of Yes Men and Yes Women backing her up. I have yet to uncover all the dumb unrelated riders they tried to get into that bill.

The original constitutional delegation and state legislatures who ratified the document should have seen this coming even in the early days. One item per bill or allow the President Line Item veto privileges. If only they had included that in the constitution this nation would be much different than it is now and not $22 trillion in debt.

I keep telling you folks; we have a caliber of Democrat legislators like the free world has never seen. They’re becoming masters at blaming their stupid blunders on the Republicans and just today (Thursday) Pelosi stood behind the podium and lamented how the Republicans held this bill from passing sooner because of inappropriate demands. Not a word about abortions, handouts to corporations who had nothing to do with helping out with the pandemic, and lots more too numerous to mention.

May God save us, a Democratic Congress never will!

Harold Arbogast



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