Reader responds to Belington mayor

Oh, Maureen Laskey-Satchell. The mayor who can’t seem to tell the truth and lives in a world of alternative reality.

First of all, I did in fact find many violations at the Civic Center, which I still have pictures, showing children in high risk of being hurt. Is there a law stating I couldn’t take pictures like everyone else? Profile much?

Secondly, I don’t wear hoodies over my head. I wear a baseball cap like most, and even if I did wear a hoodie, is there a law stating I cannot? Why the profiling, Maureen?

Maureen, along with her two refs, ambushed me, and claimed I destroyed her bathroom. I asked her to see the video and after Maureen hesitated for 30 minutes, she stated I didn’t need to see the video and even if it showed I did not destroy the bathroom, I still used foul language.

City Council stated the mayor, myself and the chief of police would watch the video. The video disappeared three days after this. I did use foul language which I admitted, and apologized for, when ambushed by Maureen and her refs, but I used it to their faces, I did not scream, and nobody else in the gym even knew what was going on, unlike when Maureen Lasky-Setchell stopped a basketball game in 2018 while she was on city council, walking out on the court and cussing the score keeper about one point that wasn’t on the board her grandson made while coaches pulled their kids off the court.

My wife is trying to better the Civic Center as it is used minimally and kids don’t have any place to go. Even Maureen Lasky-Setchell’s grandson goes to Philippi to play instead of Belington. Why is that, Maureen?

I was taking pictures to find out what could be fixed, and what we can do to make this happen. Maureen Lasky-Setchell is very against this as she runs the mayor and the board of parks seats, along with her son in law and her friends.

Maureen Lasky-Setchell always talks about “best for community,” but while she steals the work and ideas of other claiming it was hers, and power trips over it all, she shows her true colors.

We have audio evidence as well of her, if she wants to keep lying. Maybe that should be published. This is your mayor, Belington. Embarrassing.

Aaron Crummel



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