How to worship while staying safe

This is for the person who sent a letter to The Inter-Mountain who said something along the lines of, “Satan is laughing at us for not going to church out of fear of COVID-19.”

Allow me to set the record straight: If the devil is laughing at anyone, it would be those who think gathering in large numbers and standing/sitting shoulder-to-shoulder is just fine so long as it is in a place of worship. Seriously, deliberately defying stay-at-home recommendations will only lead to COVID-19 spreading even more than it has. If you intentionally gather, in say a church, you are putting yourself and the whole community at risk. That act of carelessness is why the devil laughs at you.

Especially when places of worship do not need to be confined to a single building. A place of worship does not need to be so limited. It can be more than four walls and a roof.

You can gather in a parking lot, staying in your vehicles. You can go to a park or the woods, staying several feet apart from each other. You can visit your fellow followers, one at a time, without going into their homes and just have a mini-service there on their front yard. You can, thanks to modern technology, perform a service even online.

All of these options are available. Your religion and the way that you celebrate it is only limited to your imagination and the tools that you have at your disposal.

So, instead of giving the devil a reason to laugh at you, find the easiest work-around. More lives will be spared, and this will help ensure that we get through this crisis with the least amount of loss.

Edward S. Brenwalt



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