Saying one thing and doing another?

As a conservative, I believe that Rush Limbaugh represents the sentiment of many conservatives in this country. He has defended our president and fought for conservative values in West Virginia.

During the effort to repeal Obamacare, he repeatedly and correctly noted that Sen. Shelley Moore Capito is a liberal who had masqueraded as conservative Republican in order to get elected time and again in her home state.

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when politicians say one thing and do another. It seems like every election cycle a politician falls all over themselves to stand up firmly for Life, our Second Amendment Rights, the Bill of Rights, Faith and Family Values, and all the things that have made West Virginia and our nation great. And, if you’re like me, you also must be wondering what changed when our so-called leaders across the Potomac started to smell more like The Swamp than the fresh air of the Country Roads.

Capito and her family have a long history in West Virginia politics, and while I greatly respect her father and her family, she seems to have lost her way. Maybe it’s just the air in D.C., but I was downright shocked to find out what Capito has been up to since she last asked West Virginia to reseat her in D.C. During that time, for example, she has come out in support of red-flag laws, helped to save “Obamacare” and has been at best a fair-weather friend to President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

I think it’s time we send a true fighter to D.C., someone who will stand in the gap and fight for West Virginia and all the things that make Mountaineers Free. I’m voting for the candidate who has “A” ratings from leading gun rights advocates like Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights, not the candidate who thinks red flag laws are a “good idea.” I’m voting for the candidate who has always stood up for life at conception, not just when it’s been convenient and who’s never described themselves as “pro-choice.” I’m voting for the candidate who will always put West Virginia values first.

I’m voting for Allen Whitt. He’s the only candidate in this race who has a proven record of always being on the right side of issues that matter to true, Constitutional conservative West Virginians. I know he’ll do this because he’s dedicated his life to lobbying our state leaders on behalf of those without a voice — the unborn. He’s a dedicated, lifelong sportsman who not only knows how we live but lives this Mountain State life unapologetically.

I hope everyone reading will consider Allen and send Shelley home. Isn’t it time West Virginia values have a voice other than in her empty ads every six years?

Randy Brooks



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