Thanking water, PSD workers for service

In these days of isolation from family, co-workers and friends, we all manage to come together in spirit and with great admiration to all of our first responders, who are doing their best to put these chaotic times back to normal.

Our gratitude goes out to all the ones providing care services such as doctors, nurses, policemen, firefighters, grocery store workers and so many others who fight this horrific, invisible virus.

As we thank those care workers, we should not forget the crucial behind the scene employees of our water departments and public service districts who are there for the simple opening of a water faucet to wash your hands to providing a firefighter’s source of water to put out a fire.

Even the daily routine of washing clothes, dishes and also that warm cup of coffee that we all love in the morning require treatment and disinfection to provide clean and healthy water for everyday convenience. From maintaining pumps, to fixing water main breaks, they are there working tirelessly 24/7 to ensure your water is safe for you and your family.

We should all thank the water departments in our community for their efforts in this pandemic.

Eric Brunn

Chief Water Operator

Adrian Public

Service District


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