Mountain State seniors can’t wait

I’m a senior citizen. There, I said it! As much as I hate to admit it, I’m living in those golden years. Unfortunately in West Virginia, many seniors aren’t finding those years to be very golden at all.

West Virginia has the second highest rate of people over the age of 65 in the country, and nearly half have a disability, while roughly a third rely on social security as their only income. Many of our seniors are raising their grandchildren as a direct result of the opioid epidemic.

Other challenges facing our seniors in West Virginia are a lack of transportation and a lack of affordable healthcare including mental health care. Too many feel isolated and removed from friends, family and the community.

And yet there are many seniors who are bright, active, independent contributing members of our communities. Don’t they deserve the best possible West Virginia we can give them?

West Virginia Can’t Wait – Stephen Smith for Governor has plans to address those problems, written by and for seniors.

Included in these initiatives is a plan to immediately implement full Social Security Income Tax relief without the 65% intermediate step called for in the current plan.

Additionally the plan would cut healthcare costs and expand access to healthcare by partnering with free clinic and federally qualified health centers to expand mobile health units for seniors in rural locations. Initiatives such as insulin price caps and the expansion of telehealthcare are also included in the plan.

The Seniors Can’t Wait platform policy also addresses the safety of seniors in nursing homes, the passage of laws that give seniors more power over “end of life” decisions, and establishes a Mountaineer Service Corps that would connect seniors with beneficial federal, state, and local resources. There is also a plan to establish a mentoring program. This would give seniors the opportunity to mentor young apprentices in trades such as carpentry, auto repair, electric, and plumbing.

These are only a few of the senior-based initiative included in the “Seniors Can’t Wait” platform proposal.

To read more about these and Stephen Smith’s other plans to help all West Virginians go to wvcantwait.com or follow wvcantwait&StephenSmith for Governor on Facebook.

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