Precautions worse than the virus?

Once again I find the “precautions” for the virus to be unbelievable and unacceptable.

One of our dear ladies in our church had surgery today to have her leg partially amputated. As I always do, I planned to be at the hospital prior to her surgery to have prayer with her and stay to be there when she came out of recovery.

To my utter dismay I could not be there at all, nor her husband or children! The poor woman had to face this life altering surgery alone, in tears and fear!

How in God’s name is that helping the well being of Ruby Memorial’s patients? The mental and spiritual well being of a patient is as vital as their physical condition.

There is no way you can say that the medical and housekeeping staff in the hospital has had any less contact with the public than myself and her husband. This is a cruel and unconscionable policy that left her, and I am sure many other patients, devastated.

Gov. Justice, this foolishness must stop! You must release the overreaching grip of the government on our state.

Mike House



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