Reader: Obama’s sins finally getting air time

Have you ever wondered why Obama stayed out of the different political races after Hilary’s presidential loss? He left a team of people in place to sabotage Trump in an effort to ease the way for Trump’s impeachment.

The Democratic establishment ran an operation in concert with the Justice Department, FBI, FISA Court, and the Democratic slanted media to undermine President Trump and ultimately impeach him. I weep to think our system of government and justice has come to the point that a coup of this magnitude was almost successfully swept under the rug.

So now you may hear more from Mr. Obama now that his involvement in said coup is going to finally see the light of day. Justice must remain blind and apolitical or our way of life is over.

If Hilary had won that election and kept her cabal of cronies running our Justice Department and FBI we would now be living in a socialist state with the government telling me what I could have for breakfast!

Timothy Morgan Simmons



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