Waiting until it’s safe

People who want to return before it is safe are just greedy. They don’t care about the death toll. They don’t care about the elderly like me or their dads, moms or children who may lose their life. Yes, we need to get back to work but do it when it’s safe.

It won’t kill us to stay away from beaches or parks. But going to them could kill a lot of people. We have television, we don’t need to go to movies or restaurants to eat, we are better than that.

God is in control and has given us a way out of this. But not by being greedy. Maybe just like King Herod we could lose loved ones because we don’t listen.

When the White House is not safe then how can we be safe?

Our president said we don’t need testing, but yet they are being tested daily. Are their lives worth more than ours?

Lloyd Price



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