Coronavirus causing problems nationwide

When our president and vice president say we have COVID-19 under control and cases coming down, that is not true. It is just a bald face lie.

When it comes to wearing a mask, we are told that to enforce mask wearing would be against our rights. Yet when it comes to seat belts or helmets, that’s OK. What’s the difference?

Do they want to stop COVID-9? Or do they want to just kill us off? Just make a law to force all people to wear a mask when out in the public. It is proven that wearing a mask will save lives.

School opening Sept. 8 is just to soon. We just can’t make it safe enough. Or we use common sense and partially open in small groups and keep children separated, wear masks, cut the school day hours by not having recess, feed them in their rooms, split them up where they only go two days a week.

If we continue to listen to the lies coming from the White House, we are doomed as America, where we used to be the greatest nation on earth.

Lloyd Price



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