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Don’t let the stress of the holidays keep you from enjoying them

December 4, 2010 “Stress is not stress if one does not perceive it that way,” says psychiatrist and author Dr. Frank Minirth. Stress is something we all face. more »»

Coping with loss through the holiday season

November 27, 2010 For those who have lost a loved one, the holidays can become much like running a marathon. With Thanksgiving behind them, they have reached the first leg of the rac. more »»

A city on our knees

November 20, 2010 While we enjoy our turkey, dressing and pie, most will truly be giving thanks for what they have. We are witnessing more of a thankful spirit these days, in my opinion, than we have for many decade. more »»

The lesson of Midas

November 13, 2010 Soon the bells will ring beginning the season to be “oh so greedy.” You and I remember when Christmas was only thought of in Decembe. more »»

Auntie Kim’s doggie play place

November 6, 2010 I awaken each morning with an expectancy. Oh, not necessarily an expectancy of what I am going to do or where I am going, but rather an expectancy to expect the unexpected when it comes to our dog. more »»

Living young in a nip-tuck world

October 23, 2010 “Age is just a number.” “You’re as young as you feel.” “You don’t stop playing because you are old, you grew old because you stopped playing. more »»

Forgiveness: The most selfish thing you can do

October 16, 2010 When I think of selfishness, I envision a heavy-set, blond haired little boy, the proverbial toy-stealing child who will not share his trinkets with the little, frail looking girl with blue eyes an... more »»

Look at the little things

October 9, 2010 Big events are so exciting, and a great break from our normal routines that give us refreshmen. more »»

Revisit the ‘Little Engine’

October 2, 2010 We all remember the little engine that could. In the recesses of our minds, we hear, “I think I can, I think I can.” However, somewhere in the first grade, the story was lost and forgotten. more »»

Find something in the newspaper that you didn’t expect

September 25, 2010 You may be at the end of your rope. Wow, that’s a strange way to start a column you may think. But I have discovered when many pick up the paper they are looking for hope. more »»

The cure for loneliness

September 18, 2010 It has been said that people are actually lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. Many people who are lonely are actually around a lot of people. more »»

Start a new chapter

August 28, 2010 It’s exciting to watch our young people go off to college this fall with great anticipation and excitement. more »»

The sands of time and healing

August 21, 2010 At one time or another, every human being needs healing. At the present time, I am looking at the ocean from my writing desk. The ocean has healing properties. more »»

A ‘to do’ list for handling your never ending ‘to do’ list

August 7, 2010 Walking into the grocery store you realize you are doing it again ... short shallow breaths, quick steps and a frantic racing mind as you rush to find items for supper. more »»

Happiness and the American Dream

July 31, 2010 In the past, the cliche “The American Dream” meant financial prosperity, luxury and riches. more »»



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