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Sanders, Trump challenge thoughts

January 2, 2016 Political phenomenons come around very rarely but when they do, their impact is long and deep. Huey Long, George Wallace and Ross Perot burned brilliantly but not for any great period of time. more »»

The Every Student Succeeds Act

January 2, 2016 Instead of “No Child Left Behind,” the new education bill that Congress passed this month is called “The Every Student Succeeds Act. more »»

Make your goals a reality

January 2, 2016 Mistakes happen y’all. Like when you submit 917 words of rambling nonsense rather than a 600 word article that neatly expresses your thoughts. That’s what happened last week. more »»

Small schools have benefits

December 28, 2015 One of the delights of Christmas is receiving word from new as well as life-long friends. And, from those who know us well, the gift or suggestion of a good book we’ve not yet read. more »»

Annual Polar Bear Plunge is Jan. 1

December 26, 2015 Hello from Barbour County! I hope that you all had a very good Christmas! This week has been a flurry of activity for me, with baking, cleaning and spending time with friends and famil. more »»

Self-trust, setting goals are secrets to success

December 26, 2015 “Self-trust is the first secret of Success.” That was the Chinese Proverb that turned up in my fortune cookie at CJ Maggie’s a few months ago. more »»

You can shoot your eye out

December 26, 2015 It turns out you may, indeed, shoot your eye out — but don’t place all the blame on the Red Rider BB gun Ralphie was warned repeatedly about in the film “A Christmas Story. more »»

Crucial elements missed

December 26, 2015 For moderate Democrats and Republicans the politics of the 2016 presidential election seems strange. more »»

Christmas isn’t really about wish lists and gifts

December 26, 2015 After my younger daughter came home from school with a Christmas wish list, I was fairly quick to tell her this wasn’t what Christmas was about. more »»

Christmas traditions are a blast

December 26, 2015 I love Christmas, y’all! It is my absolute favorite time of year. I’ve already told you that I start listening to Christmas music in October. Hey, to each their own, don’t judge. more »»

Santa always comes through

December 24, 2015 And finally it’s Christmas. A time for remembrance of happy Christmas past; for enjoying happy Christmas present; for anticipation of happy Christmas futur. more »»

Holiday meals a time for memories

December 24, 2015 The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. more »»

Memories of steam heat and bacon

December 24, 2015 I was 6 years old. It was winter and there was a chill in the air and snow on the ground as far as the eye could see. In the distance, some of my friends were racing away. more »»

Who will be governor?

December 22, 2015 For the first time in many years, there is a very real possibility Republicans may take control of the West Virginia Board of Public Works in 2017. more »»

Preparing for the future

December 21, 2015 On this eve of the Winter Solstice — marking the longest night and shortest day of the year — the four-week journey from Thanksgiving to Christmas is about to end. more »»

Uneasy frontrunner

December 19, 2015 Not since Lyndon Johnson and Edmund Muskie have the Democrats had such an unstable front-runner. Hillary Clinton is a “ho-hum, whatever” kind of inevitable nominee. more »»

Elkins is full of Christmas magic

December 19, 2015 Elkins is a place where people believe in making magic for each other. The Polar Express has been rolling in and out of town for weeks, and tiny twinkling star lights brighten the downtown streets. more »»

Thank you for being a friend

December 19, 2015 I have the best friends ever, y’all! And some of them have been around for a long, long, LONG, time. Last weekend I celebrated a birthda. more »»

Delve deeply into Advent this season

December 19, 2015 I have one great fear in life and many, many smaller fears. I am terrified of flying. I fear the loss of control that I feel as soon as I walk onto an airplane. more »»

Throw some money at the problem

December 18, 2015 Coal miners in West Virginia upset the Environmental Protection Agency is killing their jobs? Throw ’em some money and don’t worry about. They’re used to “welfare,” after all. more »»



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