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Scandals distract from reality

May 25, 2013 During the past four months, the press has been interested in titillating controversies from Benghazi to the Internal Revenue Service. more »»

Appraisal Tour stops in Virginia

May 18, 2013 Carry-on luggage, springtime weather, Discovery channel fans, Nascar great Bill Elliott, best mobile seat in the parade (on the back of a Ford Mustang convertible), Country music singer Scotty... more »»

Hooked on Fishing event is today

May 18, 2013 Brrr ... chilly greetings from Barbour County! It’s not just Barbour County though. As I write this, I know the whole area has been cooler than normal. I don’t mind. It will be hot soon enough. more »»

Prediction: Obama will get away with it all

May 18, 2013 The news out of Washington gets curiouser and curiouser with each passing day. The scandal count as of this writing: Three. more »»

Missing Gipper’s spirit

May 18, 2013 Republicans have mused about when they will regain that old Reagan spirit. more »»

Focus is important in successful gaming

May 11, 2013 “Push Start” makes a return this week after taking a hiatus last week. The last time I wrote this column I talked a lot about the upcoming Magic the Gathering events and the new set, “Dragon’s Maze. more »»

Benghazi may derail Hillary

May 11, 2013 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., recently said she prays that former First Lady Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. more »»

Dems and GOP both seemingly exhausted

May 11, 2013 At this juncture, observing politics resembles watching paint dry. Both parties seem virtually exhausted, out of ideas, bereft of solutions. more »»

State to pay price for bad health

May 7, 2013 We West Virginians are among the most irresponsible in the nation when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We eat too much. We smoke too much. We take too many stupid chances with our safety. more »»

Morels spotted, several activities slated

May 4, 2013 Hello from Barbour County! I sure have been enjoying spring so far. Ramps are up, morel mushrooms have been spotted, mud is drying up, birds are singing and the list could go on. more »»

College sponsors seminar

May 4, 2013 Alderson-Broaddus College hosted the Third Annual Kump Education Research Seminar on April 2. more »»

Tips for buying art and antiques

May 4, 2013 Over my career, I have held positions as a museum director and curator, university professor and certified appraiser and authenticato. more »»

Manchin a soldier for Obama

May 4, 2013 If there was ever any doubt that Joe Manchin would turn into a good soldier for President Barack Obama, doubt no more. As you may recall, Sen. Manchin, D-W.V. more »»

Dems also face murky future

May 4, 2013 Republicans tend to receive more attention than Democrats on the topic of their future. more »»

Spring fishing creates lasting memories

May 3, 2013 For many of us who were born in Appalachia, a pretty spring Saturday called for getting gas in the truck, loading the boat, hunting some nightcrawlers and having mom get some sandwiches together, so... more »»

Press Start!

April 27, 2013 Playing Magic the Gathering is my favorite pastime. I think everyone who reads this column has figured that out. more »»

GOP must define itself

April 27, 2013 The following is a condensation of remarks to Republicans at the Randolph County Lincoln Day dinner last Saturday evening: Let me begin by talking about our country and 2014. more »»

America unites after bombing

April 27, 2013 The bombing at the Boston Marathon succeeded in quieting the political debate. As Americans tend to do during these events they unite not as Republicans or Democrats but as concerned citizens. more »»

Leonhardt likely to run again

April 26, 2013 You may not have seen the last of Kent Leonhardt, as I suggested after the election last fall. Leonhardt may be planning to run for the West Virginia Senate next year. more »»

Tournaments and new set equal an exciting time

April 20, 2013 It is an exciting time to be a card gamer! There is so much on the horizon for Magic the Gathering, my head has been kind of spinning to figure out what to write for this colum. more »»



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