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‘Cliff’ deal a bad one for the country

January 4, 2013

Seeming a bit surprised at the extent of their victory, a few liberal members of Congress were candid enough to admit the American people were shortchanged on New Year’s Da....

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Oct-03-13 12:54 PM

Democrat answer to every problem? Raise their taxes!

Is why they're being 'fired' by voters each election they lose more and more.

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Jan-07-13 11:44 AM

The GOP answer to everything cut all of the programs for the poor and give the rich whatever they want,they hate everyone other than Old White men. Thats why they lose elections 2008 &2012 and on and on!

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Jan-05-13 5:32 AM

Congress was never worried about the "Fiscal Cliff" anyway. They handled it like they handle every so-called crisis. Wait until the eleventh hour, feed the people a bunch of hype over the impending disaster that awaits them, and shove through a bunch of useless legislation that does nothing to fix the problem. We've seen this before, government will shut down if we don't reach an agreement, social security will collapse if we don't do something right now, Medicare will go broke, and the list goes on and on. The politicians in Washington have become masters at pulling the people's chain.

All they have to mention a disaster of their own creation, point out that we are bleeding to death because of it, and then stick a band aid on a gaping wound that will still drain the life out of us. Politicians fix nothing. All they do is create the illusion of a solution to a problem they created. How long have they harped about Social Security? Are we any closer to a solution? Think about

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Jan-04-13 9:26 AM

Manchin and Rockefeller applauds this bill that give WV workers LESS take home pay now.

Dems say they are 'for' the people. If Rockefeller/Manchin are for the people.......who needs enemies?

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Jan-04-13 9:23 AM

Typical liberal responses to any problem. Tax everyone higher; spend even more; raise debt ceiling to ensure they can keep spending us into more debt and they never cut wasteful spending no matter what. Obama stayed true to his tax and spend radical liberalism.

And Rockefeller applauds this do nothing bill as the answer to all problems. Isn't it past time to vote him out of office? I suppose he's happy that hard working WV citizens trying to make ends meet and feed their families will now take home LESS in their paychecks??? Nice going liberals. If dems are for the people.......who needs enemies?

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