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Locals mixed on gun orders

January 17, 2013

Local residents are offering their opinions on the stricter gun control recommendations the White House released Wednesday....

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Jan-19-13 12:11 AM

A ban on so-called "assault weapons" would do exactly what it did before. NOTHING. The crime rates changed not a whit. Criminals still got all the guns they could buy, of any kind, and citizens who wanted semi-automatic weapons could buy all they wanted.

This crusade is "all about the children"? That's almost laughable. There are 1,000,000 babies murdered every year by their parents, and the stinking liberals celebrate that as FREEDOM!

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Jan-18-13 5:13 PM

Pure, not that it is any of your business. I have never had an abortion and don't think I would ever choose to have one, I would be devestated if I had to make that choice. But I'm glad I have that right to choose. Get into any kind of discussion with you Right-wing nuts and it alway heads for the abortion issue. Don't like abortions, don't have one. Stay out of my uterus when you grow one then you can do what you want with it! As for the gun issue. All firearms should be registered no matter how their sold. When a crime is committed with one their will be some history on owners. They just want to stop the sales of assault weopons, that's all. If everybody had one of these weapons, with the attitude of some of these nutcases our country would be like something out of the "Mad Max" movies. Some folks aren't responsible enough to own a BB Gun let alone an assault rifle. By not having background checks you'd have folks like this purchasing them. Do you want them for a neighbo

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Jan-18-13 1:23 PM

Inanimate objects are incapable of causing harm. Drugged drivers kill thousands every year. Shall we ban cars? Banning all drugs, including alcohol makes more sense but obviously hasn't worked. Liberals have stopped any punishment that actually deters violent crime. When people are EVIL or unstable, they will find a tool for committing whatever actions they plan. Let's stop violent crime with capital punishment and spend our dollars to treat those who are mentally ill or unstable!! Try thinking without the entertainment industry telling you what to believe!!! Reality is NOT on tv!! Did we try to ban fuel or fertilizer after the Oklahoma City bombing? Did we try to stop all flights after our own planes were used against our citizens? Anti-gun fanatics do not base their arguments on ANY facts, only on one irrational emotion: fear. Try learning from the only reliable source: history!!

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Jan-18-13 11:19 AM

Let me give you the definition of the word "Freedom" as in our "Constitution of the United States of America" Freedom--to do and to speak what is right and just in the eyes of God without being persecuted.

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Jan-18-13 10:12 AM

No one has ever had 1 gun every taken away by the goverment people need to relax and take a deep breath it's not the end of the world if you have to get checked out to buy a gun. Do you love guns more than 6 yr old kids . I would like for all of the guns nuts to sit in a room with the 40 parents who's 6 and 7 year old kids that were slaughtered and tell them we can't do nothing about all of this mass killing, what the President did was comprehensive and did not just include gun control. alot of people would see it alot diferent if it was there kids who died by guns.!!! Right wing Fox nes BS and the NRA money machines are all profiting from this fear mongering! it is sad!!!

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Jan-17-13 8:42 PM

Continuing: If one more politican says, "these new gun laws are to protect the children", I believe that I'll puke! A half a billion dollars annually of taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood, with the half a billion dollars, over a million abortions are paid for with taxpayer money and somehow this is acceptable to a civil society that "cares" about its children? New Town was a terrible tragedy, but it pales in comparison to over a million abortions annually funded by the taxpayers--and not a single shot is fired!

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Jan-17-13 8:35 PM

playfare-I'm not some wild-eye crazy gun nut, but you are out in the weeds on this issue. You advocate both registration and background checks, even if the sale is betweeen private individuals. Allowing the government to develop a data base of all gun transactions including private treaty sales will result in a data base of gun owners, the most important ingredient needed for confiscation. Don't believe it will happen? Check the law signed two days ago by the politician Andrew Cuomo, Gov. of NY. Here's an excert: "Within one year, all “assault weapons” under the new definition (pre-1994 and now pre-2013 semi-autos as defined above) must be registered with the state police at no cost. This will trigger a NICS check. Current owners may transfer these semi-autos only to a dealer or sell them out of state. Intentional failure to register will be a class A misdemeanor. Unintentional failure will trigger a 30 day grace period to register, after which the gun will be confiscated."

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Jan-17-13 6:22 PM

Playfare obviously has not done any research. The states that have the least restrictions on guns and carry have the lowest crime rates. Chicago the strictest city has murders almost every night. Britain and Australia took away the guns and have suffered with higher crime rates ever since. Switzerland and Israel demand discharged soldiers; men and women, take a fully automatic rifle home. Some take 2. There are very low crime rates there

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Jan-17-13 6:18 PM

Check O's orders for hundreds of millions rounds of hollow point pistol ammo for all his government "police". The 2nd amendment includes, in fact demands, current modern weapons to form the militia that could be needed against any invader-foriegn or domestic. As we know communists go for healthcare and the guns for control of the public. O has admitted he is a communist. So naturally he has to get rid of the guns step by step.

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Jan-17-13 12:25 PM

Folks usually don't mind going along with the rules ... unless those rules are shoved down one's throat!

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Jan-17-13 11:58 AM

This is how it starts. Bans, then registration, then confiscation. This has happened over and over throughout modern history.

Stand firm on the Second Amendment, which the founders gave us, not for hunting, not even for self-protection, but to ensure a well armed citizenry which could NEVER fall to another tyrant like King George, or His Highness King Hussein.

Don't give an inch.

E-mail that turncoat Manchin, and tell him what you think. That goes for all our other so-called "representatives".

If they truly wanted to stop gun violence all they would have to do is this: mandatory life sentences for ANYONE using a gun in the commission of a crime. That would stop virtually ALL gun violence in a matter of years, but they would rather do what they've been yearning to do for generations.


Fight with all you have to prevent them!

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Jan-17-13 11:44 AM

check. If you gun crazies would get your way the morgues would be full. It would be a shoot'em if you don't like'em or sompen they said. No wonders these mentally ill think its alright to do what they want. It's because of people with the gun mentally that solutions to problems include guns. Your obsessions help to convince me that the president is right. Calling for stricter rules to weed out unworthy gun carriers is needed.

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Jan-17-13 11:34 AM

Nobody is going to take all your "precious" guns pure. Just the assault rifles that should be only for military use. Your rifles that have a clip with 10 or less shot capacity is expempt. If you can't kill that human being that you seem to be anxious to kill with 10 shots you must be blind. So many people seem to be obsessed with killing that person that enters your home, shoot first ask questions last. With a mentality like that it should earn you a front seat ticket on the bus headed for hell. I have shotguns, deer rifles and handguns. Any of which I am very good at using.I know if need be and only if there is no other choice will use anyone of them to protect my family. As for background checks, every gun should be registered and a full background check should be done with a waiting period of at least 7 days. If you or anybody that is living in your household has been diagnosed with a mental illnes you should be denied. Also gun shows should be required to run background

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