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Reader is grateful gun proposal failed

May 4, 2013

Editor: I thank God that Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and President Barack Obama failed to take away our guns. I thank God for the wisdom of the framers of the U.S....

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Sep-26-13 2:45 PM all don't lie very well. one in here believes you except What. Bwahahaha.....rof**** two liberal 'not so good' liars for Obama. Hilarious.

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Jun-03-13 2:47 AM

Joe Manchin fooled me once but he'll never do it again. Man's a snake.

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May-10-13 6:28 PM

Democrats will NEVER take away our RIGHT to defend ourselves. MILLIONS of REAL AMERICANS will NEVER allow it. That scares the corrupt little common criminals in the democrat SOCIALIST party....but we don't really care....they are the biggest cowards in the nation anyway. Their own shadows scare them!

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May-09-13 1:17 PM

Puremagix, by your "logic" it would follow that the DMV is not trying to protect drivers from unsafe vehicles and careless drivers, but to clandestinely take your car away... Can you see how ridiculous this is? And by the way, if the government wanted your guns they would have them by now. Don't kid yourself into thinking that your little arsenal is a match for our national guard (which if you think just one move ahead you would realize that THIS is who you would be fighting) Government takeover of your gun is fantasy. They have better things to do than peer into the personal life of Puremagix... I think, like so many, you confuse the second amendment with the second commandment...

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May-09-13 1:00 PM

As a liberal I will try - probably without success - to explain to the majority of thick-headed NRA-worshipping, fear-driven, pro 2nd amendment whackos out there that the amendment that was defeated by the cowardly Congress was neither intended to nor capable of "taking away" your precious playthings. It was a first step - albeit a weak one - to keep assault weapons out of the hands of the whackos who murder kids in schools. If you - for any reason - fear that you may fail a simple background check - then you probably have no business having a firearm in the first place. And if you believe that your little arsenal is going to stop some made-up government takeover of your guns, then you're probably too stupid to own guns. The government is not your problem. A massive weapons manufacturing industry supported by the NRA is spending millions to instill fear in the minds of the most ignorant among us. And from the letters in this post I'd say it's working.

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May-08-13 2:53 PM

I seriously wonder about your mental capacity, Puremagix. You are so full of vitriol. There are times that the venom that you so graciously spew on here gives me pause. I bet you believe you're being watched by some nefarious government agency. I'm sure the Obama administration is responsible for every ill that befalls this country. Democrats are all demons from*****and tin foil hats should be given out in kindergarten to save the little children from mind control. Sweet baby Jesus I hope you aren't in any power position lol

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May-06-13 6:55 PM

Thank you Duane.

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May-06-13 2:01 PM

Forgot to mention Pat Toomey in any of those rants. You know, the REPUBLICAN CO SPONSOR of the bill???

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May-06-13 6:33 AM

Manchin is just another controlling power hungry liberal.....taking his orders from another just like him; Obama!

Manchin deceived us once. He WON"T deceive us again. He's out!!

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