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Paula Deen embroiled in buttery brouhaha

June 27, 2013

In a large mixing bowl, add a pound of ground beef, an egg, a half cup of bread crumbs, a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, a pound or two of butter and — of course — a smattering of racial slurs and......

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Aug-08-13 9:38 AM

I would actually vote for a democrat if there were such a thing as a functioning brain inside any of them. Geez...dumber than dirt.

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Aug-02-13 10:08 AM

I have to disagree with you truthseeker, they are not finished...too many people in this country see nothing wrong with what is going on...

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Jul-31-13 6:45 AM

Liberals are so funny. They can't keep up with their own lies. Democrats are failing in so many ways. Their party is destroyed from within; and they keep opening their mouths and showing us their racist ways, their lying mouths, their attempts to steal what is not theirs. They are finished. They are a disgusting bunch of go-nowheres that fail in everything they touch. The world finds them useless and dispicable people. Disgusting little leeches.

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Jul-30-13 10:25 AM

I still find it amusing that the only folks who can use the so called "N" word are the, let me get this correct, "African Americans". The media, government and lawyers fuel so called race card. For example. African Americans make up roughly 13% according to the 2012 census. A group of 12 non winning contestants of American Idol are suing the show for $25 million each claiming discrimination. Yet, depending on the year of the show, the panel of judges is between 25% and 75%. In the 12 years the show has been on, 4 of the 12 winners have been black, 33%. But now the race mongers are trying to make something out of nothing just to make some money. Suffice it to say, none of the people stirring this pot were ever a get over it.

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Jul-05-13 1:41 PM

Of course with these crazy conservatives here, this would devolve into a discussion about the Obama administration.

Anyway, let's not forget that in addition to using the N-word, she wanted to have a true "Southern plantation-style theme[d]" wedding, with black servers and all. Are you kidding me?

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Jul-05-13 10:37 AM

Bwahaha......leftwing nuts can't even defend their own insanity. But its' funny to watch. What ignorance and outright lies they keep telling, one after the other, hilariously trying to cover up one lie with half a dozen other laughable excuses and lies. Liberalism is a chronic disease that causes the brain to not mature. Like watching 5 year olds. lol.

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Jul-01-13 7:53 AM

it's so sad that everything that happens in the world is Obama fault . The Paula Dean story is simply an old white woman from the south being defended by alot of people for something she openly admitted of using the N word by her own admission freely and with no filter. She stated that in her depostion nobody made her say anything but now everyone wants to come to rescue and divert attention on what she said. If you have ever been to the deep south you know how it is. They still are fighting the civil war again and again hoping one day the south will rise again. It sad how people especailly white people want to say it's ok to say those kinda things to people.

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Jun-29-13 4:20 PM

Paula Dean fits the left's description of an enemy. She's white, aging, conservative Christian woman with a prosperous business. Dean is the epitome of the type of person the Obama administration loves to target. I noticed there isn't one reply from the leftwing zealots that usually hang out in here. Perhaps they're avoiding this article since they have been called out and are too cowardly to admit they are just as guilty as Dean when it comes to making racial comments or passing around jokes with racial undertones. They know the attacks on Dean are nothing more than politically motivated attacks on white, successful Americans. The same attacks that have been going on since Obama took office. I wonder how many times Elkins has been guilty of making racial slurs or laughed when someone told a racist joke? Not one of them have a clear conscience on this one.

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Jun-29-13 10:59 AM

The left "stealing" what others have and USING racism to do it. THAT is what this is about.

Obama and Eric Holder have been using the office of the DOJ and the Oval Office for these dirty deeds for 5 years as they only go after business owners whom refuses to bow down to their socialist agenda.

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Jun-29-13 10:58 AM

Obviously aren't capable of 'comprehending' what you read. Paula always did "own it" as you liberally put it. UNLIKE the democrats who are the now deceased Robert Byrd, KKK life member who you libs like to 'ignore' as having been worse than Paula Deen.....conservatives admit when they're wrong, but dems don't and they get a pass. The left are hypocrites, bigots, racists, and they keep 'proving' this over and over. Elkins....wondering how fast I can track down last time YOU used an off color joke, told it or heard it and laughed, passed it on through your email to your friends. Yep; you'd be lying if you said YOU never told or laughed or participated in a joke that mocked, laughed at someone else whether, a blonde joke, a black joke, a polish joke, etc.....

Can't wait till the people who are now obviously searching...find those racist words used by them. Watch out Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Elkins26241...and you other 'hypocrites' who throw ston

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Jun-27-13 7:16 AM

It's funny that Paula Dean makes a statement under oath and now it's someone elses fault that she feels so comfortable using that word no one ever made her say anything she chose to. She is an old school biggot from the deep south now she just needs to own it

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