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Congress is more polarized than ever

October 12, 2013

Not since the last Congress before the Civil War has Washington appeared so dangerously polarized. From the Affordable Care Act to the debt ceiling, everything is at issu....

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Oct-29-13 7:58 AM

Polarization is GOOD when your president is intent on destroying your laws; jobs; economy; rights!!! Keep it up GOP!

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Oct-18-13 6:55 AM

What do you expect Mr. Turner, from a president that continuously tells House Republicans and Independents and democrats that 'disagree' with him, that he will NOT negotiate with them? It's HIS way or the highway?

Obama can't get along with anyone because he wants everything his way. He is NOT a leader. He has NO leadership qualities. He doesn't know how to treat others with respect, but 'demands' it from others. He's a little man with little experience at WORKING for a living and to this day shows no signs of learning anything over the past 4 years except how to act even more childish than he did in his first year. Hopefully though, voters have seen more than enough to make them wise up before the next election. We know now the 'signs' of a child president; so don't vote for these types.

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Oct-12-13 11:16 AM

HA...yet Mr. Turner refuses to acknowledge that Obama's approval numbers are at a dismal 37%.

And he won't comment on this weeks polling that states that only 14% think the country is headed in the right direction.

Keep deceiving yourself one else is buying it.

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Oct-12-13 10:06 AM

I guess Joe chooses to IGNORE the fact that a democrat county clerk, democrat sheriff, democrats running for office in Lincoln, Mingo and other WV counties EVERY election year get arrested for ELECTION FRAUD. WHich by the way is exactly WHY democrats do NOT want VOTER ID. It scares you all to death as you couldn't carry on with your illegal election activities right??

But hey Joe....even though LYING to voters is NOT working for you dems; I hope you all continue down that same proven FAILED goal of yours; to socialize and lie and deceive the's a 'guaranteed' way to lose support. See how even dems are hiding out from the misery of Obamacare already? HA! Socialism has and always will be a failure. But dems keep trying. America will NEVER accept it or defend socialism in America; we'll kick it out as we always have and those pushing it with it.

Socialism=Equal misery for all! That is why most of them supporting it are on meds. Only the DICTATOR enjoys socialism!

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Oct-12-13 10:00 AM might want to double up on that's not working for ya.

By the're NOT psychic. And your WRONG if you think I'm with the GOP. I could care less about what radical nonthinking ignorant progressives think. Apparently with Obama's poll numbers at 37%; neither does the majority in AMerica. THings are changing after all the LIES and DECEIT from Progressives in BOTH parties. Can't wait for next election. And in the meantime....dems are running scared from all their RECALL elections!!!

The stupid never succeed!!

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Oct-12-13 6:45 AM

Oh I am so shocked Mr. Turner. Another radical democrat progressive that whines when they don't get everything they want. Oh my! You're just shocked because so many citizens are against your progressive taxations, eh?

Your opinions are laughable and uncreditable when you complain and whine about things the opposing citizens say and do when YOU radical democrats have said and done worse. You waste your time in here or haven't you noticed? You're words are irrelevant to majority of this nation; they KNOW Obamacare is a TAXATION. People's premium payments are now QUADRUPLE just as your ignorant clown of a president promised---and soon your electricity bills will be QUADRUPLE as he promised also.

Why is it that you democrats do not care about the poor???

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Oct-12-13 6:41 AM

meant "immoral" not moral.

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Oct-12-13 6:40 AM

If the people are LIED to over and over about some 'socialist' plan that is nothing but a humongous FORCED taxation on them and has been proven even by the same democrats who 'authored' it; yeah, Mr. Clueless Turner, it would behoove intelligent citizens to REFUSE such bad legislation. Of course if you're that uneducated or intentionally attempting to destroy a FREE and blessed nation because you ARE a radical angry, moral and God hating'd be accepting such bad legislation. You don't even want to bring up Obama's own WORDS in his own BOOK now do you? THAT would prove his intentions of 'destroying America' which is the democrat progressives' GOAL!!!

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