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Capito has a hidden ace

January 7, 2014

Rep. Shelley Capito has a big ace up her sleeve going into the race to succeed Sen. Jay Rockefeller. It is simply that Democrats will be unable to portray her as a hardline conservative....

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Feb-11-14 2:35 PM

Dems will lose the senate. Look at all the democrats retiring; resigning, quitting, choosing to not run again due to backlash from angry constituents back home. Aww... Guess dems didn't think of "the people" as they threw their arrogance around, calling tea party members childish names, sickening their own constituents with childish rants and false accusations. Even their own moderate democrat supporters are disgusted.

Just recently in WV---Harrison county to be exact...we've at least 2 already that publicly stated they left the democrat party as you've become too extreme for them. You all are losing your 'moderate' democrats. What WILL you do now? Dems can't win when half their own party left them.

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Feb-11-14 2:32 PM

Nells:The Dems need 17 seats to regain the majority in the House. I'm hoping the Christie scandal will be enough to fire up mid-term voters.

But we only need take more than 5 senate seats. And there's a lot more dems in the senate in trouble next election than there are republicans in the House. LOL.

And the number of voters that are disgusted with congress AND Obama grow by the day. Keep dreaming.

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Feb-11-14 11:49 AM

Maj...some folks need 'tough' love; not coddling.

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Jan-27-14 2:33 AM're either a little slow.......or incapable of comprehending what you read.......LET ME BE CLEAR....Obama IS indeed the WORST excuse for a leader anyone has ever seen in this country or ever WILL see in this country. History will not be nice to him OR the progressive liberal TRAITORS who supported the biggest Traitor of all; OBAMA!

So, your problem with that is? Because I truly do not care what you or any other pansy nonthinking, selfish, lazy, uneducated, inept liberal has to say about it.

You really should try to get out into the public more often. You sound like some schizophrenic freakzoid that needs to revisit her pychiatrist.

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Jan-16-14 11:25 AM

No fair, knew the answer to the impeachment question because I explained it to you. Care to dispute that? Remember, I can access IM archives.

You really should allow TruthSeeker to contribute to this discussion. We both know that she doesn't read any comments but her own and it's only fair that she be allowed to give it a try.

So, TruthSeeker, if President Obama were to be impeached, could Sarah Palin become the next President?

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Jan-16-14 10:51 AM

I wouldn't expect anything moral or right to come from you Nellie. Of course you support corrupt lying presidents and politicians. Only those with the same characteristics do!

When you break laws, bypass congress and FORCE your own agenda on the people; commit illegal, secretive gun running scams that are STILL showing up at crime scenes in America, use bullying, blackmail, intimidation tactics to go after anyone that opposes your should be punished under the laws that are already in place for crooks like that. Therefore, real intelligent and moral people ALL agree; Obama and Pelosi, Barney Frank, Reid and all other Progressives in both parties should be arrested, fined, charged and impeached for those crimes.

You saying otherwise, PROVES your stupidity and lawless behavior yourself. Only crooks support crooks in their criminal activities.

You just keep proving what Pure says about you and others like you. Your kind are attempting to ruin this country.

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Jan-16-14 8:52 AM

OK, TruthSeeker, here's your opportunity to actually discuss an issue.

I'm quite certain you are one of those on the Right who want to see President Obama impeached.

Let's set up a hypothetical situation wherein President Obama has been impeached and removed from office. What happens next?

Could Sarah Palin become the next President?

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Jan-16-14 6:29 AM

Obviously liberals can't READ newspapers Pure. And forget about 'researching' the facts on internet news sites. They can barely use their computer to post here.

Bernedette....go*****a pacifier.

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Jan-16-14 6:27 AM liberals are so whiney and hilarious. Hurry, say something else...I need the laugh today. sure Pure's shaking....NOT!

Leave it to a whiney whittle wiberal to go crying to someone because they were 'offended.'

Bwahahaha.....grow up. You lefties still in your diapers and sucking pacifiers.

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Jan-16-14 12:19 AM

Puremagix - You had better hope that you have sound documents that can back up your accusations stated in your post dated Jan.11,2014 @2:08pm. They have been turned in to Federal Authorities. I can't wait to see who you really are.

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Jan-15-14 10:36 PM

Understanding motives is the key to understanding how the low/no-info republican voters have been turned into what Puremagix and TruthSeeker represent here.

These are people who, as you said, have no intellectual curiosity about politics or have even a basic understanding of how the US government works. The howling that is taking place now about impeaching President Obama is an example of those on the right believing that this will magically create a republican Presidency. Puremagix fell into that trap and only after I explained the Presidential order of succession did he claim to "understand the pecking order"...

The RW media has been churning out lies and misinformation for a very long time and fortunes have been made for the grifters who con the gullible. Limbaugh was one of the first to see the advantages of being a "conservative". While he is vulgar and often malicious, he is, in reality, just an entertainer.

Roger Ailes is an entirely different matter.

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Jan-15-14 9:35 PM

January 5 - 8 Gallup: PRINCETON, NJ -- Thirteen percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, essentially unchanged from December but above the all-time low of 9% from November. Congressional approval has rarely been 20% or higher in the last three years.

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Jan-15-14 7:36 PM

It is pathetic, WMW, but also dangerous. These are the idiots who are screaming for economic sanctions on Iran.

These are also the liars who obstruct job creation then turn around and blame the Dems.

The Dems need 17 seats to regain the majority in the House. I'm hoping the Christie scandal will be enough to fire up mid-term voters.

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Jan-15-14 8:16 AM

You can be sure that he takes "Devil's Advocate" literally.

ACORN is still one of the right-wing default issues. Excerpt from HuffPo article:

The massive new appropriations bill unveiled Monday night includes four provisions that block funding to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, an anti-poverty activist group better known as ACORN.

ACORN, however, no longer exists.

The group dissolved in 2010, penniless, after Congress cut off its funding in 2009 based on a selectively edited video released by conservative provocateur James O'Keefe. O'Keefe manipulated the footage to give the impression that ACORN workers were encouraging tax avoidance related to prostitution and child smuggling...continued

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Jan-14-14 12:07 PM

ACORN became another target of the drama driven right wing media, i.e., FoxNoise and the Breitbart online gossip monger. O'Keefe is a young republican hustler who wanted to make a name for himself. O'Keefe concocted a fiction before he entered the ACORN offices and attempted to tape unsuspecting ACORN employees in compromising situations O'Keefe created. O'Keefe and Breitbart then edited the tapes to conform to the fiction O'Keefe and Breitbart created.

These edited tapes were aired on FoxNoise and GOP members of Congress demanded that ACORN be defunded. Sadly, the Dems did not aggressively defend ACORN and the organization was defunded and disbanded. As WMW has said, it was a shameful example of the GOP basing serious legislative decisions on lies, misinformation and too much FoxNoise.

ACORN and its employees have been cleared of all charges stemming from the altered tapes aired on FoxNews.

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Jan-13-14 3:26 PM

TruthSeeker, you still have no clue what this thread is about, do you.

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Jan-13-14 3:24 PM

FACT: ACORN has been cleared of ALL charges. Excerpt from Salon and NY Daily News.

"...An investigation by the Brooklyn district attorney found no evidence that the local ACORN office had engaged in any criminal conduct, despite the hype conservative media gave to tapes of a fake prostitute asking for help from the organization.

“They edited the tape to meet their agenda,” a law enforcement source told the New York Daily News, which reported the investigation’s results on Monday"

The tapes were edited by Breitbart and O'Keefe.

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Jan-13-14 1:54 PM

Remember when liberals thought mr. swint was the guy to beat Capito? Bwahahaha.....and Humphrey's? They tried him twice; lost both times. lol. Now they think Natalie Tennants the one. Keep dreaming....

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Jan-11-14 3:36 PM

Ah, yes, Puremagix, Going Godwin and ACORN...two republian default positions which disqualify you from making any further posts. Yes, that's the rule...

ACORN has been cleared of all charges of wrong doing. The drama was the creation of FoxNoise and James O'Keefe's vivid imagination. O'Keefe was charged with impersonation in another matter and was placed under house arrest.

excerpt: "...An independent investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office and the Attorney General of California vindicated ACORN of any wrongdoing. A federal judge ruled that the law barring the group's receipt of federal funds was unconstitutional."

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Jan-11-14 2:07 PM

Right you are, Joe. McGheehan will have a boatload of Koch money and savvy oppo research to pester Capito with during the primary. I don't think he has much of a chance of winning but Capito's record is so negative that she will go into the general with some serious problems.

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Jan-08-14 1:30 PM

TruthSeeker - NOTHING I posted is untrue. Sometimes the truth really hurts, doesn't it Truthseeker ...

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Jan-08-14 9:31 AM

Walker; show PROOF and DOCUMENTATION that the scam, Global warming is NOT a bunch of liberal fools? Where's your proof that it's otherwise?

Al Gore....still lying to people trying to convince them he needs YOUR he keeps building his many mansions and travels around in all his SUV's and private JET! LOL. Hypocrites! Then, Michael Moore, (I suppose you'll try to say he's conservative?) lol. Make me laugh again,

ALL liberals have NO common sense, NO moral compass, NO work ethics, NO social graces, NO tolerance, NO manners, NO clear signs of intelligence! Also, no compassion for even their own babies as they continue having their own babies' heads bashed in and give it a nicer name than murder...'abortion.' Yeah, I think we're pretty spot on what a liberal is. You all prove it daily.

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Jan-08-14 9:26 AM

Funny one your dreams! People do not know Tennet and those who do are NOT impressed! lol.

MTNR; what does what Capito's 'father' have to do with HER? Some of that liberal compassion and tolerance eh? LOL. You hypocrites don't have any problem with democrat corrupt and found GUILTY politicians and voting for them again, yet you complain about Capito's relationship with her father? Laughable and stupid. You're an idiot. You lefties have tried for YEARS to lie about her and it's not doing one bit of good. Lying just shows everyone how dispicable a person YOU are; not the person you're badmouthing. Of course you being liberal and all, you wouldn't "comprehend" that would you?

Democrats: Bully's; liars; gossipers; deceivers; intolerant of others; have no moral compass and no conscience; and can't show compassion for anyone. Angry little losers with no futures. No futures because they refuse to 'work & EARN' their way in life. Most still living in mama's basement,

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Jan-08-14 5:31 AM

Capito is Manchin light. They both feel very comfortable snuggling up to Obama. I'll vote for Patrick McGheean in the primary, but if Capito wins the primary, I'll vote for her in disgust in the general election. I wouldn't vote for Tennant if my life depended on it.

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Jan-08-14 1:26 AM

I hereby come out of retirement long enough to once again call attention to the fact that for this TS guy, every problem known to man, from climate change to diaper rash is somehow the fault of liberals, Obama, and the ACA. Such a simple solution could only have come from a mind attuned to the simplest of thoughts. But then, reading this column seeking wisdom is a little like going to the ballpark seeking a healthy meal.

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