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McGeehan spells out his agenda

January 11, 2014

“I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” — President George W. Bush, Dec. 16, 2008....

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Jan-22-14 3:30 PM

As a long time conservative, McGeehan follows the Conservative Platform in words quite well. However, it appears he is out to change the entire country when he lives in a 3rd world state, WV, within the United States. They just proved it by the recent Chemical spill affecting the Capitol water system and their complete lack of planning on the most obvious heath needs of the citizens - PUBLIC WATER. He lives in one of the most corrupt areas in WV but doesn't appear to have any strategic topics for the improvement of this, his district - elimination of corruption, improvement of Veterans needs, economic stimulus for his region, protection of his own water systems, which draws from the river with no oversight or enforcement of environmental needs. In addition, he has no experience of success to draw from thus, has no understanding of the consequences of his idealistic but unrealistic positions. To me, he is like Obama(obviously not in platform)- No Experience with Good Rhetoric.

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Jan-21-14 10:11 AM

Know when you've hit the nail on the head? When What and Nellie get all nervous and start asking a lot of questions they don't know the answers to. LOL. Priceless.

They're worried Tennant hasn't a prayer. People in WV don't even know who she is. You mention her name to most voters here and they don't know her. She was/is secretary of state; so what? Voters don't care or even know 90% of the time in any state who the SOS is. Heck, in NY democrat state, most don't know who Biden is. lololol. We see this on tv all the time with reporters asking voters off the street who someone is; they're totally stupid/clueless. They don't care and they don't know. Tennant is already at a BIG disadvantage. That scares dems.

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Jan-20-14 10:39 AM

Nellie, where's your proof about McGeehan and the Kochs?

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Jan-17-14 9:50 AM

OK, TruthSeeker, give me the name of just one of those "libs/progressives" in the republican party.

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Jan-17-14 1:11 AM

Progressives in both parties losing elections. Libs/progressives in both parties losing control over this fact.

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Jan-16-14 11:36 AM

And this would be you "giving it back"?

TS: "More drama from the two liberal progressives. lolololol.

Can dish it out; yet cry when someone gives it back. lolol.


This is me being Politically Correct...TruthSeeker, you are dumber than a box of rocks.

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Jan-16-14 10:54 AM

More drama from the two liberal progressives. lolololol.

Can dish it out; yet cry when someone gives it back. lolol.


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Jan-15-14 4:56 PM

What FACTS are you referring to, TruthSeeker? Are you offering FACTS in any of your comments? Are you providing sources to verify your FACTS?

You are a typical republican who has been raised in a culture which glorifies ignorance and laziness. You believe every lie told to you by the right-wing media and you do not have sufficient education to enable you to define the word "bias".

Now, go back to your FaceBook page and share your thoughts on the newest Reality TV Show...The Kardashians Meet The Duck Dynasty.

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Jan-15-14 4:10 PM

Liberals: When you hit them with FACTS...all they have left is childishness in response! funny to see adults talk and act like children.

Showing us your education levels Nellie and What is very foolish. Proof without even being aware of it. Priceless! More liberal stupidity. Just give them a few minutes; they'll unintentionally 'show' you how unintelligent they truly are.

I feel like I'm listening to dumb and dumber when reading their comments. Comical.

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Jan-13-14 3:04 PM

You really have no idea who Ms. Capito is or what office she currently holds, do you, TS?

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Jan-13-14 1:58 PM

Nellie and What both are the funniest poster in here. They make me laugh so hard. I'd like to say they're just joking but they truly believe the crap they spout; even when a democrat comes out in congress and admits they were wrong on Obamacare and everything else the Worst president this nations ever seen has done. It's hilarious. You just can't make this crap up. They believe lies and love it. bwahaha....they're so adamant about not admitting they're wrong; they'd rather SEE their utility rates quadruple; food prices skyrocket; people die from NO affordable insurance from ACA and rent become more unaffordable. Can't wait to see them fall to pieces when all this hits them all at once. It's coming. Whether they choose to believe it or not. You can't stop it.

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Jan-12-14 10:56 AM


Typical republican voter...zzzzzzz.

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Jan-12-14 6:28 AM

No, solutions, I'm not confused about the opinions expressed by the IM editors and community contributors. Mr. Moore has a by-line which reads, "By George Moore, The Inter-Mountain"; however, that isn't the point, is it. The IM has a "conservative" bias and makes no apologies for that. There are opinion pieces about both candidates for the republican primary and this is one of them favoring McGeehan. McGeehan is a Koch candidate and has committed his votes to Grover Norquist.

You dismiss the issues I raise as a "rant" which is typical of your approach to politics. The republican party now glorifies ignorance and obedience to strict party rules. Republican politicians are not permitted to vote their conscience or for the interests of their constituents. This WV republican primary is a perfect opportunity for voters to wake up.

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Jan-11-14 3:49 PM

The IM appears to have conflicting opinions about who to support in the republican primary, Capito or McGeehan. Republican voters need to be paying attention to both candidates who are vying for the republican nomination in the Senate race.

Capito's House record will be exposed and republican voters in WV are not going to be pleased.

McGeehan, on the other hand, will have tons of money from the Koch brothers who want to infiltrate WV politics.

excerpt from article: "...On taxes, he's taken the pledge from Americans for Tax Reform. Bottom line, he promises to oppose new taxes for individuals and businesses."

Now is the time for republican voters to learn about Grover Norquist and his "Pledge". Almost all republican politicians, both elected and those who are running, are forced to sign a Pledge to one man and his organization. This is NOT a pledge to the country or to the constituents, but to Grover Norquist. The Pledge has been in existence since 1985.

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