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Reader offended by new praise for Putin

March 15, 2014

Did I really hear all these traitorous, anti-American, conservative Republicans praising a brutal, oppressive, communist dictator who not only fixed his last election and disallowed any opposition t......

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Apr-11-14 11:48 PM

Then we will be sick of conservative rule after the next eight years. It's almost as if I can predict where the tennis ball is going during a match. Will this pattern ever end? Most likely not. Whoever wins the majority of political power seems to remain consistent in making no logical sense when it comes to reality. It only makes sense when you realize they are making the calls based on maintaining political power. Oops! I said too much.

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Apr-11-14 7:06 AM

Hillary Clinton was on stage to give a speech this week and got a shoe thrown at her. Her reflex was very very slow by the way. The show was already at her side before she even moved at all. The woman has yet to say why she did it but she also threw some papers from 1963 that had to do with Hillary's socialist antics way back then. The hippies are running the country now and we wonder why 5 years of OPPRESSION for the people. Democrats are finished! Voters are sick of these 5 years of harmful democrat policies.

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Mar-25-14 10:59 AM

"Well I guess that fits because much of the Republican party seems to be in the same boat as Putin, out of touch with reality, like their refusal to believe all the scientific facts of global climate change"

When is the bean sprout festival? At least we WV easterners can blame it on Merleland. Is the highway completed yet?

How far West do we need to go, Mr. Greeley?

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Mar-24-14 12:42 PM

Hillary trying to get some 'support' by laughing at Bush and commenting on Putin. Pfft! She's history!

Hillary's in panic mode. Dan Rather just said on MSNBC that the Clintons are likely quietly preparing their "obituary". I think he's right.

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Mar-24-14 7:17 AM

The ONLY think Bush said about Putin was 3 months PRIOR to 9/11 when he FIRST met with Putin and said: "I looked into Putin's eyes and 'saw his soul.'"

Liberals lie even when it's easy enough to check the facts!

No wonder Obama altered the FOIA; democrats can't have the facts so easily accessible to people on internet or through FOI apps to PROVE their lies the tell daily!

Oops...sorry liars; truth is out there and you've lost ALL credibility!

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Mar-24-14 7:10 AM

RealAmerican(NOT!): NO WHERE and at NO TIME did Ronald Reagan EVER state that he looked into Putin's eyes and thought he was a man to trust. YOU LIE!

I have his BOOKS and anyone can look it up online; HE did state he looked into his eyes and saw a man NOT TO BE TRUSTED. You liberals can't even LIE well. Pfft! You lost ALL credibility. You're just another mouthpiece for the left and it's NOT working out for you or them. Already dems losing elections. LIES ruin your party; they don't help you. Lies is all the left have. How's that working out lately? LOL.

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Mar-24-14 6:58 AM

I guess birds of a feather, flock together. Remember when Obama congratulated Putin on his presidential victory? Of course both of them share a dark victory on presidential elections, since both of their wins were illegitimate. On more than one occasion, Obama has praised Putin for something he did, and each time, it ran parallel to what Obama did or was doing. Isn't it ironic how the author of this article was offended at something a past president did when his president of choice was just as, or more guilty than the person he blames. It's more of the left's diversionary finger pointing in an attempt to hide what's going on in this administration.

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Mar-24-14 12:09 AM

Good point Topper! Whichever party wins the Humpty Dumpty seat in the oval office needs to man up to the responsibility and take the fall. Which is usually what seems to happen during second terms anyways.

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Mar-23-14 5:11 PM

Are any of our politicians innocent of acts of treason, either by words or by actions? Any time one of them intentionally breaks constitutional law, they are guilty of treason because they took an oath to uphold and protect our constitution. Any time they side with known enemies of the United States, they are guilty of treason. Bush did it, so did daddy Bush, Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Jackson and most other members of congress. Each time they vote to pass laws that are unconstitutional, they are guilty of treason.

In all fairness, the president we have right now is more guilty of committing treasonist acts than any president in history. Each time he circumvents congress, he's guilty of treason. Each time he passes laws through executive decision that go against our constitution, he's guilty of treason. For once, let's put the blame where it needs to be, on all of our legislators on both sides of the fence, but without a doubt, the Democrats share more of the guilt than anyone.

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Mar-22-14 9:48 PM

I thought Mr. Gilbert asked for someone to explain the traitorous actions of the right, not spout a bunch of ignorant hillbilly nonsense about the left. I haven't seen one single relevant response to Mr. Gilbert's question yet. Nobody gives a rat's a** what you think, why do you think the only way you can speak is through your stupid rants on the intermountain website, because if you speak this way in real life, nobody takes you seriously and even your own family thinks you are a fool. remember when G.W. Disph*t(BUSH) said he looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes and "knew" he was a good man????? I guess that should have been the biggest warning flag of all time, when George Bush gives you a ringing endorsement you know something must be wrong with the guy! I could care less what happens in Crimea, it's really none of our business, it would be like Texas deciding to return to Mexico and Russia objecting, but why do the so called righties love a brutal dictator?

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Mar-21-14 6:27 AM

A good many of the Democratic moderates have passed away, leaving only the leftwing. socialist fanatics to hold down the fort, and they're not doing a very good job either, because all they're doing in destroying the party.

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Mar-19-14 5:51 PM

Joe, the Democrats aren't winning anything other than a back seat in the next election as many of the people in your party jump ship. I suggest you take a look around. The Dems are having trouble raising money, and their support is waining as your members get more fed up with him everyday.

You can click your heels and wish all you like, but your party has ran its course. They've screwed the American people as much as they can and it's costing you big time. Obamacare was the straw that broke the camel's back. I suggest you find something else to do because you*****at predicting elections.

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Mar-19-14 5:46 PM

It looks like Mr. Gilbert has been standing around with his head in the sand while Obama was trying to kiss up to Putin for the last two years. Putin, knowing what a egotistical bonehead Obama is, brushed him off like a piece of lint on his three piece suit. Obama on the other hand, has been hissing and snorting like a yearling bull trying to figure out how he can ram Putin without getting the stuffing kicked out of him. The whole world knows what a spineless little twit Obama is, so they pay him about as much attention as you would a gnat.

Although annoying, Obama doesn't invoke fear in anyone overseas because they know what a tin hat dictator he really is. His temper tantrums only get him laughed at abroad, and quite a bit here as well. As far as McCain and Graham goes, both of them ar nothing more than a couple Rhino has-beens who do little more than occupy space, kind of like dust on a shelf. No one takes them seriously any more, especially others in their party.

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Mar-18-14 12:23 AM

Apparently Mr. Gilbert is a little CONFUSED! John McCain was, is and always has been a 'closet' democrat. Linsey Graham is a closet democrat. They PRETEND to be conservative but love our enemies.

I guess Mr. Gilbert has forgotten about Obama's whispered (on open mic) announcement to an enemy PUTIN that he'd be more FLEXIBLE with him AFTER his re-election.

Gilbert feigning shock yet 'accepts' Obama's traitorous ACTS! McCain's and Graham's were only WORDS. Hypocrisy from the left again. That is why democrats are losing big time.

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