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Pricing public records out of reach

March 25, 2014

Many public officials have decided just saying no to requests for government documents is not the best way to keep them secret....

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Apr-10-14 9:12 AM

Pricing records out of reach is the way Obama and democrat progressives PREVENT their documents about all their dirty deeds from becoming public knowledge. This was a no-brainer conclusion. It's what dishonest politicians DO!

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Apr-10-14 9:10 AM

Obama/Progressive democrats tactics for FORCING citizens to 'abide by their agenda/ideology' is always to make something so costly, you'll HAVE to change.

Health insurance under Obamacare: You pay MORE!

Guns/ammunition: Costs skyrocketing; so that way most citizens cannot afford to purchase them. Different tactic for gun control.

Soda pop; candy; ice cream; chips: Put high taxation on these items so Michelle Obama's nazi food czars can force you to not be able to AFFORD these items either; thus forcing weight loss. (Michelle/Obama shown on tv constantly and consistently gourging themselves with ICE CREAM/fries/greasy fat laden hamburgers). DO AS WE SAY; NOT AS WE DO!

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Mar-29-14 10:12 AM

No difference between this administration and media. BOTH have ulterior motives and NONE of them include honesty and truth and none of it good for the citizens or the nation. Americans are being duped, lied to, deceived. Vote differently next election. And believe NOTHING from media. Takes about 2 seconds of news to start hearing lies today. Feeding propaganda from this administration is the norm today. Check out the SOURCE! The truth is out there but you won't hear it on media/or from politicians in this administration.

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Mar-28-14 10:58 AM

Obama's "Change" brought us:

Business closings; NON-affordable care act (Obamacare); reextensions of Unemployment checks as unemployment gets worse and worse; His many bypasses of Congress to "do his own dictator-style leadership policy changes"; his "secret" ALTERING of the FOIA to prevent his misdeeds from getting into publics hands, etc...etc....etc....

Remember one thing next election as idiots start 'promising' change...


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Mar-26-14 6:23 AM

I'm shocked to see anyone who is the least bit surprised that the Democrats did nothing. That's their MO. Promise everything, do nothing. It's been that way for over a hundred years in this state. That's why we rank near the bottom in everything, and it's why we have no jobs, wages are among some of the lowest in the nation, and the standard of living in well behind every other state. The climate in this state is absolutely perfect for their corruption to thrive. They can steal millions without anyone noticing due to that climate.

They can steal money from the highway fund because everyone knows they had no intention of fixing the roads, even though the money was appropriated for it. It's the same way with treating the roads in winter. Who can prove how much salt was used? They claim they had no money for salt, but their pet projects managed to be funded. No shock to me how things is ran by Democrats. Same old thievery we've always seen.

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Mar-25-14 3:51 PM

THIS is the 'norm' under Obama and democrats control for 5 years! How much more?

Had enough yet?

The Huntington Area Food Bank has changed its name to reflect the tri-state region that it serves.

Media outlets report that the organization unveiled its new name, Facing Hunger Foodbank, on Monday.

Democrats policies create MORE job losses; MORE unemployment; several times of 'extending' unemployment benefits and still after 5 years of PROMISES PROMISES of JOBS; NO FREAKING JOBS.

Time for democrats to go!

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Mar-25-14 3:48 PM

Had enough of Democrat controlled WV?

A decline in mining and other industries leaves West Virginia with the slowest growing personal income nation-wide in 2013.

Statistics released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis indicated West Virginia's personal income grew 1.5 percent in 2013 as compared to North Dakota's highest increase of 7.6 percent.

The national average of growth has also declined. The bureau reports the national average as 2.6 percent in 2013, down from 4.2 percent in 2012.

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Mar-25-14 3:44 PM

Democrats do NOT want this Entire democrat led administration under Obama to allow access to their records, which would surely PROVE their lack of judgement on things this lawless bunch has been doing for past 5 years!

Obama 'secretly' ALTERED the FOIA in 2009! Democrats in the state like the nation are making it near IMPOSSIBLE to get that Freedom of Information. Geez; not hard to figure out WHY! It would show how lawless they are. Too late! We're voting these lawless embiciles OUT!

Raising the cost which is NOT 'reasonable' costs by any means is just one more way Democrats like to 'thwart' justice! Rip off artists! Had enough of the left yet?

Try getting them to clean up WV voter rolls. Yeah, they won't do that either. More voters registered than there are adults over 18 and eligible. And not just in WV. No wonder the dems don't want VOTER ID. They're not interested in 'fairness' or honesty. It's all about themselves. They have shown they care nothing about the people!

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