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U.S. committing economic suicide

April 4, 2014

We Americans often are accused of not keeping up with more “progressive” folks in slashing our use of coal....

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Apr-08-14 10:12 PM

Agreed. Voter ID and a list of principles next to the candidates name so it is clear what exactly you are voting for.

In addition, this country needs to assert authority back. Dig up anything and everything so we can get this war machine back up and running and re solidify our global power. Otherwise, the only "feelings" we will be having in a few years is regret as we will be forced to learn Manderine when the Chinese cross the ocean and prance all over us.

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Apr-08-14 7:18 AM

For past decade evil wicked men/women have had their day destroying people through taxes, more govt rules/regulations, stipulations, that strangle people and businesses. Well that day is coming to an end. They see the proverbial 'writing-on-the-wall' and even some progressive dems are starting to come around after seeing the past several elections where all their wicked deceitful little buddies got FIRED. People/voters have the power....we need to use it. Vote them out and we get things back to normalcy again. And the people have seen enough of the lies/deceit of this current administration and the progressives on both political sides to know what we must do---and in November, we shall. Americans never fail to vote out their mistakes at the next election.

We just need to stay awake and alert to the fact the dishonest administraton and his DOJ Holder is attempting to make sure we don't stop voter fraud by demanding Voter ID at the polls.

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Apr-08-14 7:12 AM

The administration wants a 'thugocracy' and they've already been leading this country by these methods; intimidating anyone who disagrees with them on anything, using bullying to get what they want. Using disabled, elderly and veterans' monthly checks as hostage to their getting what they want. But no worries; they're days are numbered. Even those who ignorantly and unwisely voted for the 'changes' they had no clue about at the time are now turning against this administration and president. They see now what a deceitful, dishonest bunch of creatures they are. Americans always wake up eventually, admit their mistake and vote their mistakes out of office next opportune time. God is in control. He is not going to allow them to destroy our christian nation.

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Apr-08-14 7:08 AM

Now, here's the thing: Radical environmentalists from all over the world demand that we Americans stop burning coal. If we do, our electricity costs will skyrocket.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world - including some countries about which the "greens" brag - will be using more coal.

True Mr. Myer. But you must understand "WHO'S" behind this 'green movement' to understand 'why' they're only attacking the USA on this coal fired plants for generating electricity. The current administration is fully intent on 'intentionally' collapsing America's economy. These people have always hated America and what it stands for. They are anti-God. They hate America, freedom for all, christianity and like Obama stated when campaigning in 2008; "Changing America" is his number one goal. I think now we can stop guessing at what kind of change he wants. It's a govt where these deceitful, dishonest thugs can rule as they like without any of our laws to get in their way. They w

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Apr-05-14 7:10 AM

I find it ironic that the US will fall into a crippling crisis when our people are unable to pay their power bill due to White House policies that will leave us looking like the dunces we are when we go broke sitting atop a mountain of coal. I can't think of a single place in WV where coal literally isn't under foot.

It brings to mind a philosophy held dear by animal rights activists who would literally starve to death sitting in a forest full of wildlife. We are quick to proclaim our intelligence, but we seem to hide it well when we sit idly by and allow our lives to be dictated by a few fortune hunters in Washington.

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