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Tomblin’s vetoes will affect many

April 5, 2014

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin recently used his red pencil on the proposed budget bill to remove $980,000 from programs which provide services to women, children and families....

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Apr-18-14 1:30 PM

Another Republican in sheep's clothing. Joe Manchin got elected because he is/was a democrat. Now true colors are showing

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Apr-17-14 7:29 AM

If the democrats really believe what they say over and over, that they are for the little guy; the poor, the disadvantaged........WHY is it always the democrats that CUT spending for these people? Then cut themselves a huge paycheck complete with a big fat pay increase???

Yeah, party of the people. The RICH PEOPLE!

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Apr-11-14 7:10 AM

TopGun; you notice how the liberals sneak in here, 'disagree' but never ever 'remark' on our TRUTH SERUM that we give them for free? It's because when you hit them with FACTS and TRUTH, they have NO DEFENSE. They cannot come up with anything to defend their lies. LOL. And they wonder why they're losing support and losing elections now. Even their most valuable voter base admits to not interested in showing up at polls in November because they're disgusted with Obama, Obamacare, and their abuse of power and arrogantly forcing oppressive mandates onto them.

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Apr-08-14 6:07 AM

What happened democrats? I thought you all 'cared' about the poor, the disabled, the disadvantaged? Oops,democrats' 'real' character is showing and it's gonna cost them all elections as it's already started in several states as democrats get the LOWEST votes of all the parties listed on ballots. What goes around comes around and they're now reaping what they sowed; discord, division and oppression!

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Apr-07-14 9:57 AM

Gov. Tomblin threatening to 'use his pencil' like Obama does when they get ready to do something that the majority disagrees with? Oh how brave of them. NOT!

Tomblin doesn't care now. He's going to retire and collect lifetime taxpayer money for his incompetent leadership. America needs to STOP politicians' retirement on taxpayers' dime. Make them get out in the private employment business and EARN their retirement like everyone else. Congress was NOT meant for these goons to retire on.

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Apr-07-14 6:16 AM


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Apr-07-14 6:13 AM

"Domestic violence victims were victimized again when he reduced the funding for legal services to victims by7 percent, or $30,000." Conjecture, all of it. I fail to see how domestic violence victims were victimized again when he cut 7% out of the budget. To claim something as ridiculous as this is ridiculous. Can you imagine a man thinking to himself, "well, the governor cut 7% out of the budget for domestic violence prevention, so I'll go attack my old lady again." Can you see the lunacy in this article?

The reason for this article is simple, survival. Not for the families, or even for the domestic violence victim, but for the survival of the people getting paid at these agencies. Why are we even financing these organizations? If they aren't self-sufficient, why are we keeping them around? People don't commit acts of violence because of budget cuts. Most of the dimwits committing these crimes don't have the slightest idea what's going in in Washington, much less

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Apr-05-14 7:45 PM

Enjoy it the poor, the downtrodden; you are the very ones who voted for these democrats who FOOLED YOU. Party for the people? HAHAHAHAHA....Now you know. Too late for you though!

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