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Right Step

Meth registry ordinance hits mark

April 8, 2014

Last week, Buckhannon City Council discussed an ordinance not only governing the abatement of methamphetamine labs, but one that would establish a registry of those involved in manufacturing the......

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Apr-12-14 5:15 PM

Liberal support is on Life Support with all their stupid rules, regulations, taxes that are only going to harm more hard-working citizens. No wonder liberals support is dwindling and most of Obama/dem supporters say they aren't interested in going to the polls in November! Indeed, the democrats have once again, IGNORED their constituents and the people, to their own arrogant demise!! Good riddance to the very very taxing party!

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Apr-10-14 1:51 PM

Ron Pugh hasn't had a valid POINT since he mistakenly got voted in office. It's short-lived though. Once his stupid policy takes effect and there's no homes to rent for younger people, he's history too.

Clowns only get to keep their jobs in office for a moment because their policies affect citizens negatively; thus they are here today; gone tomorrow. Lefts support is dwindling drastically the more restrictive and oppressive their regulations get. Doomed from the start. No worries.

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Apr-10-14 7:09 AM

This is yet another example of how the left wants to punish innocent people. When you rent a piece of property to someone, you do NOT have the right to enter that property in order to see what's going on. If you enter without permission, you can be arrested for breaking and entering. That is the law.

For some reason, Ron "The Pot Bellied Pig" Pugh, and the rest of the dimwits on the Buckhannon City Council, are determined to punish people who probably not aware of the activities of their tenants, especially those living in other states. If they persist, then they need to make the law retroactive, and prosecute one of their own council members for renting a business location to the Mom & Pop Hippy Shop, who sold bath salts, and who knows what else, across the street from City Hall. If they are going to use the scatter gun affect, then make sure its aimed at all guilty parties, including one of their own.

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Apr-10-14 6:49 AM

conservativedad, do you think putting the 'landlord' on the list is okay? You're name contradicts everything you support. Rhinos are very easy to spot. They support liberal socialistic ideologies. No self-respecting real conservative agrees with bigger govt/higher taxation and govt oppression on people and they surely have more common sense than to blame innocent people for what OTHERS do!!

The left are the most deceitful group of people on the planet. And they don't do that very well either. The truth of their agenda is common knowledge now. Support for the left is dwindling drastically. Gov. Tomblin/dems only pushed this FLAWED harmful bill for 'political gain' only. Well, it won't work. This liberal city council regulation won't work either. Just wait and see next election.

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Apr-09-14 9:56 AM

"Further, Buckhannon City Councilman Ron Pugh made a valid point concerning the registry.

"If they're manufacturing meth, there's a good chance their life span isn't going to be 10 years anyway," Pugh said."

Ten years is too long. Five would be better, especially if treatment facilities start appearing. Once addicted, they are lost without intervention. All in all, the list is a good idea. It will help landlords the most by the flagging of the most active addicts.

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Apr-08-14 4:40 PM

Anything liberal progressives or liberal media says is always WRONG!

IM continuuing their alliance to help the 'progressive' causes. No common sense in any of them in DC/Charleston/Buckhannon or this paper.

Can't wait until November!

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Apr-08-14 4:37 PM

I am not at all surprised that the IM would like this progressive liberal idea as they've become one of many media mouthpieces for the Obama administration and their progressive UNJUST policies.

How do you 'justify' putting landlords on a list as if THEY were criminals? Do you idiots have ESP and think landlords know what someone's going to do in their rented homes? You people have absolutely ZERO common sense but then again, we all KNOW the "REAL reason" for this 'list.' It has NOTHING to do with preventing meth use. How does this prevent it, please explain as you all obviously won't because you know that's not what this is about. Condemning private property so legal thieves can confiscate it or at least FINE others for the actions of another and make yourselves a little cash fund eh?? Time to vote these fools out! (We're still waiting to see how this list PREVENTS anything!)

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