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Make a splash in galoshes

January 16, 2010
By CARRA HIGGINS, Staff Writer

Picture it: Snowshoe Mountain Resort, winter 2009, one person is trouncing through the snow and water puddles with ease while the rest of her party walks cautiously through snow and water trying to avoid getting wet feet. As I tiptoed around the snow and attempted not to splash slush on my sand colored Uggs, I became bitter when a friend reached the doors of our destination long before anyone else thanks to her colorful, spunky galoshes.

Not being one to go for practicality before being fashionable or trendy, I never considered buying galoshes. In fact, I thought they were quite ridiculous and most likely uttered the words, "I'll NEVER wear THOSE." That is until that cold, wintery night on the mountain and another friend's recent Christmas gift changed my mind.

Once again, in late December, I found myself slowly navigating wet slush in a parking lot wearing tennis shoes while my best friend splashed through puddles without a care in the world. Bragging about her new hot pink galoshes she turned and said, "See, you need a pair."

I couldn't have agreed more, so the two of us were off to Tractor Supply with one thing in mind: galoshes. To my surprise, the selection had been picked over. Apparently several women in the area are also being practical this winter, but luckily there was a pair of the rubber boots (pink with multi-colored strips) in my size.

Since buying my galoshes, I've had no troubles walking through several inches of snow and, best of all, my feet have stayed dry this rough winter. The legs of my pants are no longer soaked with water and stained with salt lines because I'm able to roll them up and avoid the mess.

Depending on how tall you are, the top of galoshes hit just above or mid-way on your calf, perfect for wading through more than 6 inches of snow. These boots have certainly come in handy while trying to get out of the passenger side of a vehicle in the downtown Elkins area.

All the options for galoshes reflect different personalities: edgy, girly, wild, fun, simple and, of course, basic black and other solid colors. Although you're most likely to find a pair of these boots to match your clothing, there's no real reason to stay in them at the office or indoors. So be sure take your regular shoes to work with you and change when you're settled in for the day.

There are some galoshes available in Elkins and can be found at Tractor Supply, Southern States and Naylor's Ace Hardware or simply "Googling" "galoshes," "rain boots" or "wellies" will yield many search results. has good inventory, which includes Burberry and Stuart Weitzman. also offers a large selection.

The only downside of these rubber boots is that they lack a thick lining for the cold winter days; however, you can purchase fleece linings for them. Online, most of the fleece linings cost between $10 and $30.

This fantastic and practical footwear isn't just for kids anymore; but they might make you want to re-live your youth and splash through all the puddles you see.



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