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Presidential race not the only reason to vote

October 20, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


There is a very important event coming up that some folks might say they are tired of talking about or hearing about: Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

There are some folks who might say they are not going to vote because they just don't know who is the best candidate for the office of president of the United States of America.

This message is for them.

The upcoming election is more than just a "presidential election." Your vote is so very important to all us here within our community.

This is the election where you have the opportunity to let your voice be heard by voting for your choice in the local race to fill positions which affect us right here at home:

We are not implying that the candidates who are running for office as our legislators, senators, governor and the president are not important they are. This election comes at a critical time for the United States, its veterans and citizens.

We are not asking you to vote a particular party or for a particular candidate.

We are asking you to utilize your right as an American citizen to vote.

We are asking you to not let others make your choice for you.go vote.

We are asking this of you as concerned citizens and as veterans who believe that our right to vote is just one of our many responsibilities as a citizen of our great country.

When we hear people talking about patriotism and Americanism, the first thing that comes to our mind is "For God and Country." It is utilizing your right to vote that ensures that all of our rights as citizens of the United States of America and those spelled out very clearly in the U.S. Constitution are never taken away from us. They were written that way by the founding leaders of our country.

We are asking you to think about the daily reminders that America's morals and cultural values are under siege. The aim of the activists is to distort and twist the core values of patriotism, morality and religion that gave birth to our nation, under God. They aim to kick God out of our public squares, deem the destruction of the U.S. Flag an acceptable form of free speech and put political correctness ahead of moral integrity.

Utilize your right to vote. Let's prove that our country is worth fighting for.

Early voting begins Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the Upshur County Courthouse. There will be additional parking available just for "voting purposes" in front of the Annex Building.

The early voting period is provided for the benefit of you, the voter. For more information about early voting contact the Upshur County Clerk's Office at 304-472-1068.

If anyone needs assistance during the early voting period please contact the Frank B. Bartlett Post #7 of The American Legion at 304-460-7377. Leave us a message, we will call you back!

The Frank B. Bartlett Post #7

The American Legion




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