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Barbour County proposals necessary for education

October 27, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


I am eager to endorse and support the Barbour County Schools excess levy and bond in the upcoming general election. This will determine the future of our school system. I am confident in the pledge to improve the educational experiences of the youth of Barbour County. The Barbour County Chamber Board of Directors has also voted unanimously in support of both the excess levy and the bond.

At Alderson-Broaddus College, we strive to provide the highest quality education to our students. The young generation of our community is the future; we must prepare them for lifelong learning. As president of this institution in your community, I urge you to look toward the future. If you wish to see success and advancement in your community, you must commit your support to the educational system.

The college has embarked on a promising adventure with the largest freshmen enrollment in our history. We are expanding our facilities and revolutionizing our campus experience. The opportunity to make similar changes at Philip Barbour High School and the entire school district is here; we must join forces and rally behind this excess levy and bond. Together we can build the future for our community and its students.

On Nov. 6, voters in the Barbour County public school district should seize the opportunity to vote yes for the passage of an excess school levy and bond order. This levy will support instruction, technology, libraries, maintenance, staffing and child nutrition programs. The bond order will cover renovations and new construction for outside athletic facilities at Philip Barbour High School Complex.

Barbour County currently ranks 48th out of the 55 counties in West Virginia on the amount of money spent on pupil expenses, while voters in 44 counties have approved excess school levies to improve the education of their youth. We are proud to embrace the culture of our small town in West Virginia, but should we allow our children to be at an educational and experiential disadvantage? If we don't support their education, we hinder them from reaching their potential!

The election calls for a rate of only 63 percent of the allowable maximum, which will generate more than $2 million per year for five years. The Barbour County Board of Education approved this minimum rate and it is our privilege and responsibility to support it. For a slight increase in property taxes, you will be investing in the education and dreams of our children, our grandchildren and generations to come.

This is not about politics and parties, this is about our students. This is about our pride and our willingness to get behind a vital cause. You must ask yourself what you are willing to do to play a role in the forward progress of your community. The increase in tax comes down to only about $5 per week for the average household. Could you give up one soda a day? One latte a week? For smokers, one pack of cigarettes a week? For a trivial sacrifice, you can be a part of a cause that will have huge results. What are our kids worth to you?

Let's not prohibit our youth from having the brightest possible future. If we do not vote yes to this excess levy and bond, we are saying no to the future of our community. This is a vote for the kids and for the future of Barbour County. Please join me in voting yes for the excess levy and bond on Nov. 6.

Rick Creehan

Alderson-Broaddus College




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