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Press Start!

Great time for gamers

March 30, 2013
By Anthony Gaynor - Night Editor , The Inter-Mountain

Gaming is getting ready to hit a high season for me. There are several new exciting things coming down the pike that remind me of why I enjoy playing as much as I do. Events like PAX East just wrapped up and brought several different new things to get excited about.

The first and foremost for me was the release of the next Magic The Gathering block of cards. The block will consist of three sets and feature a Greco-Roman theme and mythology. This is the first time that the game has stepped into this realm. I am looking forward to playing with spells, creatures and enhancements from one of my personal favorite histories and mythology.

Only sparse details were released along with some art from the set. The new block will roll out in September with the the first set, "Theros." The second will come out in February 2014 with "Born of the Gods," and the final set of the block will be "Journey to Nyx" coming out in spring 2014.

Before the new block begins later this summer, card slingers will first get their hands on the final set of the current block. "Dragon's Maze" will be released on May 3. The block will finish off the set that began with "Return to Ravnica" and "Gatecrash." Also, the newest iteration of the Core Set, "Magic 2014," will be released during the summer.

I love when new sets are beginning to take shape. Players are buzzing with speculation of what new cards will come out and what new decks will be played.

There are different types of decks in the game, and my favorite is dubbed Standard. Standard decks consist of the newest sets and they constantly evolve and change when new sets are released and the older sets rotate out of Standard. There are formats like Modern, Legacy and Vintage where older cards are still played, but it can be expensive to locate the rare cards. That is why I like Standard.

For me, it is more of a level playing field, because I don't have many of the older staple cards and that is my fault. I have sold my collection on a couple occasions only to come back to the game and have to start over. I promised myself that I will not sell my cards off again. I may sell certain cards I don't plan on using to purchase others, but I will not unload my entire collection again.

This time of year is also exciting for video games. PAX East released a plethora of information on new gaming, but my favorite event doesn't come until June.

The annual E3 conference is like Christmas for gamers. It is widely speculated that Microsoft will unveil the new X-Box this year, since Sony announced the Playstation 4 earlier this year.

E3 is also where players get the first glimpse of the new games coming out this year. My prediction for the event is we will see the new X-Box and a slew of games that will accompany its release. I am betting that Halo 5 will be one of the marquee titles along with other X-Box exclusives.

If you have been thinking about picking up some new games, this is a great time to do it. New sets in Magic are the best time to pick up the game and start building a collection.

If you are interested in picking up the game, jump online to visit and do a simple search for your zip code. Places to purchase and play in your area will pop up on a map!

For video gamers, this is a great time to sort through all the new stuff coming and begin saving money for that new system that you will want come Christmas time.



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