Local drivers excel at speedways

Happy Easter, everyone. It was a rare off weekend in NASCAR and it seems impossible to get results from distant dirt tracks. I don’t understand not making results available to the press outside of your local audience.

Many of our local guys travel to Tyler County Speedway or Legendary Hilltop Speedway to get in some early racing before kicking off our local races here in Elkins. I’ll sure keep trying to get official results.

Thanks to driver Joel Prosser I have unofficial results from the modified division at Tyler County. Shawn Jett was the winner over Dave Defibaugh.

Among other local drivers, Mike Baldwin finished seventh, Jamie McCloud 10th, Nick Corbitt 12th, Del Cunningham 13th and Joel Prosser 14th.

Other feature winners were Derek Doll in Super Lates, Kyle Lukon in Crate Late Models and George Casto III in MWRA mini wedges. I’ve heard that Kyle Thomas won the Late Model feature at Hilltop Friday.

Friday night will be our first attempt at Test ‘n Tune at Elkins Raceway. Make plans to come out and hear some engines roar.

While most of the NASCAR guys take this chance to vacation with family or just relax at home, several of them were busy racing. Imagine that, racers that want to race.

Kyle Busch raced at Hickory Speedway in his late model stock car. This gave these local guys a shot at racing with one of the best drivers out there. Kyle had problems and left the race early.

Kyle Larson competed in his winged Sprint Car in California and Kasey Kayne was watching his winged Sprint Car teams compete this weekend.


Most of you know that I’m the pastor at Canaan Baptist Church and chaplain at Elkins Raceway.

I’ll take this off week as an opportunity to remind everyone the real reason for the Easter season.

While it’s always the first real celebration of spring time, it’s also the time we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the whole Easter Bunny, hiding eggs and especially the chocolate candies thing!

We had a great service and a wonderful fellowship breakfast at Canaan Baptist Easter Sunday. Christmas is the time we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Even at his birth we are reminded of His ultimate reason for being sent into the world. The KJV Bible states that they wrapped the babe in swaddling clothes and laid Him in the manger. Swaddling clothes were the linen strips that were used to wrap a body prior to burial. This shows that He was sent to us to save the lost people and be our final sacrifice for our sins.

Jesus in the days prior to His crucifixion shared with His disciples the plan that was about to unfold. The religious crowd sought to put Him to death because He had become a threat to their power and influence on the people. Only a week prior He had entered Jerusalem as the Coming King and deliverer. The crowds were cheering for Him and celebrating His arrival. In a few short days many of these same people stood in a crowd and shouted, “Crucify him!”

Jesus carried out His Father’s love for humanity. He went peaceably to the death of the cross and He laid himself down for our sins. He even asked His Father to forgive them who nailed him to the cross. If the story ended there it would still be the greatest love story on earth. However, He would just have been another great religious/spiritual leader. But on that wonderful Easter morning three days later, He AROSE from the grave tomb and was seen by more than 400 witnesses in the days following until He ascended into Heaven.

I serve a risen Savior and He is my Lord and intercessor before the Father today. If you choose not to believe this way, then that is your choice. I do challenge you to try and show me a better way, though. Through trusting in Jesus we can all be winners, too, in the most important race of all, the race of life.

I’ll sure try to see everyone at Test ‘n Tune Friday night. I’m sure the gates will open at 6 p.m., and if it’s like previous years the hillside admission will be free but there will be a charge for the pits due to insurance fees. Be sure and check with the track websites or Facebook for more info.

I’ve got to get back in the garage because at the end of the straightaway there’s Another Left Turn.


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