Sports therapy is good math for all

Covering local prep sports is, and has been, a great blessing to me at this stage of my life.

In late August, I will have been doing this for three years.

I have played sports, stopped being good at math after passing Algebra, and appreciate the opportunity to do what I can to report the news on the kids of today.

It’s not an easy task to brainstorm for an idea of what to say about sports in a local column. It can only get so personal when delving into prep sports. For one, they are still kids on their way to becoming young adults. Seasons of success are oftentimes coupled with down years. Circle of life, not my place to say much more than the game results via a coach’s cooperation.

I have an opinion on the Mountaineers, seeing the coverage we all do. I am proud to be part of the blue and gold nation, and have many of the same sentiments as readers do while following at least the major sports at WVU. I am super proud of “everything” that West Virginia University means to the Mountain State stat line.

Where is this column going? I did think about it ahead of time. Right to the tape room for therapy, sports have all kinds of data on that. If it was all on film, the reels would be too overburdened in order to catch and release it all.

No matter if you are playing in or watching a sporting event, you “are” getting your math fix on. If a prep athlete gets nothing more out of participating than a better understanding down the road, the game(s) have paid off for the good.

As fans, we are looking at the math all the time for many reasons, including therapy in a natural way. The best thing about a sporting contest in many situations is that the formula can be changed on just a swing of the bat, a tackle for loss, buzzer beaters, a spike for a 27-25 win, breaking the tape first on track, penalty kicks, approaching the tennis net for a kill shot and swimming the contested feet of the pool in order to check in first. How about them Mountaineers in rifle and archery?

Sports medicine is, of course, always improving, likewise to a lot of benefits present day humans in settled areas have access to after the short amount of time that has gone by since the Industrial Revolution.

In nearly every facet of sports, some type of therapy is being received. Treatment and recovery have expounded in exponential fashion for the common athlete. Getting on the field and putting a skeleton to task is still the same deal. Everyone sees the stats.

Maybe don’t buy your kid receiver or batting gloves when they are 7 years old, see what they can do with their own two hands first. Accessories worn by most cause poor families to feel less than just needing a ride to practice. Contact your local Congress person for more on how to make the next investment toward our population.

It is mental first, and physical second on most courts of play in life, sports or other competitions included.

Just laying around and getting by works for some, it’s hard to blame them if they can get away with it.

A hamster in many of us fuels the short time on this planet as we try to make the best of it in good time. Sports give us a vision at least, try to be good at something and for goodness sake, retain some of the therapy and press on.

Let’s Gooooo Mountaineers! Put on a green face for the Marshall Thundering Herd as well, it’s good blood.