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Picture this storage situation

Dear Heloise: When I travel, I usually take along two DIGITAL CAMERAS. One is in my purse, but the other one is usually stored in a new plastic soap container (the square type we used to use at camp to hold our soap). It holds my small digital camera and keeps it dry and safe. — Lillian G., Blair, Neb.



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Dear Heloise: I have arthritis and have trouble opening pill bottles. What can I do? — Edith S., Hanson, Mass.

Edith, all you have to do is tell the pharmacist that you do not want childproof caps. But remember, if you are going to have young children in your home, make sure to safely store your medication. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: We’ve all known someone who wants us to become part of a multilevel marketing opportunity. Although there are legitimate direct sales companies that use multilevel marketing, there also are con artists who want you to invest in what may well be a pyramid scheme disguised as direct selling. Many use high-pressure tactics to entice people to invest. They talk about potential earnings, which are often exaggerated, based on the sale of products. You may be pressured to buy products, which you are assured will keep you in good standing.

When you are offered this type of business opportunity, be careful. Wait a few days while you consider it, and do a little investigating. Try Fraud.org to see what it has to say about this business opportunity, or to file a complaint. — Frederick K., Washington, D.C.


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