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Wedding ivy

Dear Heloise: In my family, we have a tradition that has been handed down for generations and will be part of my upcoming wedding. We carry IVY in our bouquet that has been planted and clipped from the previous bride in the family. After the wedding, the ivy is saved and planted where we can grow it. If we move, we take a few clippings with us and grow it at our new place. This is a small but important tradition that brings our family history with us from one generation to another. — Heather K., Little Rock, Ark.

Heather, that’s a clever idea, and one with deep meaning for the brides in your family. Do any of my readers have family wedding traditions? Write and let me know about the things that hold a special meaning for you. — Heloise



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Dear Heloise: My girlfriend and I want to travel the U.S. next year, but we would like some suggestions on which websites to visit so we can book our hotels and find things to see and do. We’ll probably drive or fly. Where do we start? — Danny and Ashley, Paducah, Ky.

Danny and Ashley, a good place to start is www.USA.gov/recreation-and-travel. There are many sites on the internet that can help you, but if you want to visit certain cities, email their bureau of tourism (the address is usually found online) and ask for information. Many places will also provide you with a map to the city or state. — Heloise



Dear Heloise: I had a very nice desk organizer that swiveled and was useful when I had a business. Now I use it as a makeup organizer and have it on my bathroom counter. It’s so easy to use, and if it gets messy or has dust in the various pockets, I place it in the dishwasher to clean it thoroughly. — Brenda P., Austin, Texas


Dear Heloise: My hobby is making necklaces and bracelets from various beads and stones. The problem was storage. I was in a dollar store and saw a shelf of ice cube trays made from silicone and thought, “Perfect!” I bought several and use them as organizers for my various beads. They stack nicely and are lightweight. — Helen V., Sugarcreek, Pa.


Dear Heloise: Because of my business, I had several binders with clear sheet protectors. They were clean and in excellent condition, so I decided to start putting recipes in them that I clipped from magazines or printed off the internet. I can take them out when I want to make a photocopy of the recipe for a friend, and they are easy to wipe off when splatters occur. Then I just return the page to my binder. — Carson K., Cheshire, Conn.


Dear Heloise: I saved my children’s popsicle sticks, and when spring rolls around, we’ll write the names of the vegetables we plant on each stick and place it at the head of each row in our garden. — Lucy T., Norman, Okla.


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