Senator is seeking stories

The past year and a half was a time of important accomplishments that will help improve the lives of West Virginians. When Congress passed tax reform legislation at the end of last year, we promised it would help workers and families keep more of their hard-earned money.

We promised it would help our businesses compete, reinvest in our economy, and pass benefits down to their employees. We promised it would create new opportunities for growth in our communities. Now, those promises are being fulfilled.

As I have traveled across the state in recent months, I’ve seen small businesses able to expand and hire more employees. I’ve heard stories about families who are better able to invest in their children’s education.

I’ve even seen how extra money in their paychecks have helped some individuals donate more to local charities and community priorities.

But it’s important that we continue working together to find new solutions that will help move our state forward. That’s why I recently launched a new initiative called “Share Your Stories.”

I created this initiative because you know better than anyone else how what we are doing in Washington are benefiting you and your neighbors. I want to hear what’s working and what’s not. I want to hear about the positive changes you are seeing in your communities, as well as the changes you still want to see.

Since launching “Share Your Stories,” I’ve already heard from quite a few West Virginians — and many from the north central West Virginia area.

I recently had the opportunity to join President Trump in West Virginia for his fourth visit to the Mountain State since becoming president. During his visit, we heard from many West Virginia small business owners and families about how tax reform and the president’s agenda are truly moving our state forward and improving the lives of so many in our communities.

Nathaniel Bonnell, the president of a small community bank in Elkins, explained how he was able to take the savings from tax reform and invest in his staff, as well as help support local communities and charities.

Nathaniel explained to the president that his staff is the heart and soul of what makes the bank so successful, and because of tax reform, the bank was able to give every one of their 66 employees an additional $1,000 more than their normal annual raises.

Additionally, with the savings from tax reform, the bank was able to commit to increasing their philanthropic efforts — making significant contributions to a local hospital, the local liberal arts college and other small charities. All right here in Randolph County.

I look forward to hearing more of these stories. And more importantly, I look forward to taking your stories and your experiences back to Washington and delivering even more reforms that will positively impacts your lives.

Share your stories with me by visiting my “Share Your Stories” webpage located at or by connecting with me on social media by following me on Twitter (@SenCapito), Facebook (@SenShelley) or Instagram (@SenCapito).

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